Yesterday morning this was what was facing me.  I know that it was wrong to skip church to work, but there was no other way that I was going to get these done.  Every evening after work brings it's own set of chores and Saturday?  We'll we are not even going to go there other than to mention that the groceries that were missing at our house were never even bought until after 2:00 in the afternoon.  Dear hubby started for the grocery store at 9 and one interruption after another did not let him leave the house until after lunchtime. 
So Sunday it is.  These are at the fairgrounds and they had to be painted before Wednesday. 
I "borrow" dear hubby's IPOD, gather brushes, paints, water, coffee and an apple and off I go.  
When I start the IPOD, what greets me but ABBA!  I love ABBA, but who would have thought that would be on dear hubby's IPOD?  Do his camo-wearing, gun toting, harley riding buddies know that he has ABBA  in his music collection?  Just when I was starting to be a little concerned (after about five songs that I loved) Thunderstruck was next!  Thank goodness!  I was getting a little concerned. 
Anyway, at the rate of about one every 1 to 1 1/2 hours, I finished what you see here in about eight hours of work.  So much for a day of rest.  I still have a bench and two more tables.  I am waiting to hear what the people want on the other two tables.  Geez, they are running out of time! 
Someone else gets the job of varnishing.  I think that she might be getting a little tense also. 
This kid size one would be perfect at my house.

And the rest of them are tributes or advertising.
This plane was a bit of a challenge for me.  Not the work I would have normally put in to a table but this man was really special to me and I actually rode with him in this plane.
Most give me free rein of what to paint.  Of course I like to paint flowers.
This person wanted patriotic AND a campfire. That was a challenge.

I am off to start my final week of boot camp.  Not a huge weight loss, but it has been fun and the days that I go, I seem to have a lot more energy.  They are planning another one, but for the evenings.  I am pretty sure that is NOT going to work for me. 


Some days are just like that but somehow we get through them....lol

Your talent is unending with all the beautiful designs you paint.

Hugs, Karen
You're amazing! I can't believe you got that much work done in that amount of time. My husband rides a Harley and likes Abba too.
Lois said…
WOW, your painting is just amazing. Hope this week goes better for everyone!!!

Lois L.
Lynn said…
You are amazing, your work is always beautiful!!! Hope you have a great week...
Lesley said…
Mr. J likes ABBA are you kidding me??? I thought he might be an ACDC kinda guy Dirty deeds done dirt cheap or War....Low Rider....ROFL. Abba??? golly what impressions fooled me.
Love all your tables Cathy, great work.
x0x0x Cdn Girl
Eileen Bergen said…
The tables are wonderful! You've done a fantastic job and I'm sure everyone will love them. Now go get some rest!