Purchases of the Weekend.

One yard sale on Saturday morning, yielded this vase.  Perfect for fresh flowers in my brown and pink bedroom.
And this bench will be painted and varnished for extra deck seating.  This morning I found out that it belonged to a friend of mine when she was younger and her mother would make her sit and practice the piano.  Nice memories!   Well maybe not for her.
I also bought some shutters for crafting something and a nice primitive candle at a craft sale.

And then Sunday while I was at church....John signed a sales agreement on this...

You see THIS sits next to my house and we were very concerned about what  who would buy that.  It is really close our house.

This close.  that is our house on the right behind the trees.

And the big thing that I really didn't like about it was is this:
Or for another view:

This fence lines our driveway and it has bugged me way too long.  I have thought of putting up a nice vinyl fence on this side of it (too much $$$) of forsythia bushes (fast growing but could have caused a neighborly rift when they grew wild on the other side), arborvitae (too slow growing) and corn (not there all year)  The grass would grow up and I would sit and try to pull it out, mainly because dear hubby would scream when I would use a whole spool of weed eater string on it every mowing and it was rusting really bad.  I know that in the big picture of life, this was not a huge problem, not even a little problem really, but it was sort of like a splinter, they just keep bugging you until you get them out. 

So now begins every episode of every fix-up/clean-up show that you have ever watched on HGTV.  We will begin Curb Appeal, Clean House, Yard Crashers,  Desperate Landscapes, Design on a Dime, Divine Design and House Crashers.  Too bad there is no Cash in the Attic.  That would really help out about right now. 
Hmmm, maybe this house needs it's own blog. 


Laurie said…
Wow Cathy! That's amazing! I really look forward to all your improvements! It will be fun to see all my favorite HGTV shows interpreted on your new property. What will you do with the house once it's done?
Meggie said…
So are you going to fix it up and sell it? I thought perhaps you wanted to take down the fence, tear down the house and not have to worry about it anymore. Can't wait to see Chapter 2 in this saga. Love your analogy of the splinter.
Balisha said…
Congrats on the new purchase. I think that you should have a house blog...keep us all up on your experience. You are so handy...I just know that you can accomplish so much with a little $, your talents and some good old fashioned elbow grease.It should be a fun project. Balisha
BurttBunch said…
How many bedrooms is that? Can't wait to hear all your big plans for it!