Gracelyn spent the night on Thursday and she wanted to "stitch".  I gave her the "treasure box" as she calls it and a tapestry needle with crochet cotton and she stitched buttons all evening and part of the next morning.  What a difference between having her and having the boys.  John calls the boys "the Rotties" because he likens having them to having a couple of Rottweillers and her to having a goldfish.  How true!  She is just so calm and easy and she doesn't run faster than we are able.  Which brings me to the sight of John chasing Tyler last week.  Tyler had once again hit Logan in the head with a golf ball.  I can't tell you how many times this has happened this summer and honestly, I swear that the golf balls are like heat seeking missiles to Logan's head.  This last time sent Tyler running with John in hot pursuit. The sight of the the 51 year old grandpa chasing the really fast 5 year old was enough to make me chuckle despite the fact that I had a crying 3 year old in my lap with a goose egg.

A few craft items finished this week.

I hit a few yard sales on Friday morning before work that yielded these items and a bench that I have not taken out of my car yet.
And Saturday was spent at Conjunction Junction where we had the truck completely loaded with goodies.  These were just a few of the items...the suitcases and chair were from a yard sale on the way home.  We even found enough ceramic tile to do the kitchen and bathroom in the new house.

We had company today, my cousins came to visit on the motorcycle and we had lunch and then went on a nice bike ride.  The first of the summer actually.  It was so nice and relaxing to just get out and ride.   My bike, my helmet and my boots all needed dusted and my battery was dead...shameful.  Where did the summer go?

Tomorrow is Tyler's first day of school.  I can't wait to hear the tales.  Hard to believe he is that old!


Laurie said…
I love to see the young ones interested in needlework. she's going to take after you Cathy, Be careful on that bike, and have fun!