Vintage Pillow Tutorial

I am always scouring yard sales, flea markets and estate sales for vintage linens.  The stacks of them that I have stored away, well it just screams hoarder.  It is time to do something with them.
These pillows are quick and easy to do, minimal sewing skills required.    The one on the right is painted, however the other two are made from embroidered table runners. 
Start by picking the best side of the table runner.
If the runner is really thin fabric, stabilize it with some lightweight fusible interfacing pressed to the wrong side of the runner.
Next, fold it in half and decide on the size of your pillow.  They will vary according to the design on them.  Cut the edge 1/2 inch longer than you are going to want the pillow to be.
I keep the other end, hoarder than I am, there will be a use for that someday.
Press under the 1/2 inch.
Fold the runner in half, right sides together and sew just inside the trim, leaving an opening to stuff the pillow.
Stuff and sew up the opening. easy is that!


Grandma Nina said…
Hi Cathy,
I love these little pillows. This is something right up my alley. I may need to make some of these. Where do you find all the time?