Week Old Hamburger Bun w/ Strawberry Ice Cream Topping

That is what is on my breakfast menu this morning.  You see, we need to grocery shop.  I have clothes that need washed as well as bedding and towels.  I have no laundry soap.  I have no peanut butter, no bread, no paper towels, and no apples!  I really need that daily apple. 
You ask why? (Not the apple, the rest of the stuff)
Maybe it is this:
Better than half of the fence is down and a lot of brush cleared.
Or this:
Wednesday night's concert.  ZZ Top, they were great and as you see, we had pretty good seats also.
Or this:
I still had to get my crafting "fix" in for the week.
This is made from more of those fabric sample books that I have. 
Or perhaps work, or boot camp, or fair preparations, or grand kids, or who knows what else, but one of the inhabitants of this house really needs to go and get groceries. 
Thank goodness that in the middle of the Fence and Brush Clearing Shenanigans last night, my MIL managed to feed us!

Have a great weekend!


Laurie said…
Love, (not really) your breakfast fare Cathy, yes. You really need to go grocery shopping!!!! Great to see the fence down, and the clearing going on, but please! Grocery shop! Or I'll have to send food myself!
Love that purse!! Now get to the grocery store. lol
luv2teek said…
Wow, Cathy, it is going to look great with no fence again after how many years? I know I didn't like looking at it when driving by, I can only imagine you guys having to see it daily!

With all that hard work, hope you get sustenance for your bellies!