And all of you are witnesses.

Monday evening was spent painting with some friends.  What a nice evening and what a relaxing break for me.  I made chili (important evidence in the story).  Dear hubby didn't realize that I still knew that the kitchen was for anything more than making coffee and washing out paintbrushes.  Those were some of his first comments.  They were fun, they were harmless.  After we went to bed, that is where the threat came in.  I settled in.  That is what we will call it.  After the threat, I realized that we rarely go to bed at the same time.  Our internal clocks are a bit different.  For instance, it is 4:42 right now and he is sleeping away and will  be for another two hours...I go to bed at 10:00 or so.  Anyway, back to the threat.  I "settle" in, turn out the light and "settle" some more, when dear hubby gets up WITH his pillow and walks around to my side of the bed and looks at me, with a meanie face and says...and I quote, "You have played with that alarm clock, you have sneezed, you have coughed, and you have had gas, if you make one more noise I am going to hold this pillow over your head until you quit twitching!"

Really, can I help it that I had to pick up Kendall early the next morning, that I have ANOTHER stupid cold, or that I had chili for supper? 

And now on to the craft/yard sale section of this post.

I found this cute little fold up rocker at a sale this weekend.  It needs a little TLC, but will make a perfect bedroom rocker. 
And these are some of the items that I finished up on Monday night.

And some close-ups of them.
Wonder where I put the lid to that canister?
And lastly, if anyone can think of a really creative use for all these jar lids, I would be so grateful.  They really just looked like a great buy! 


LOL, you are just too darned funny!!!!
I'm getting a really good picture in my mind right now! lol
Thanks for the giggles.

Man you are one talented lady with your painting and your creations...thanks for sharing. Wish I could think of something for those lids.

Laurie said…
Oh Cathy! You are always so good for a belly laugh!! I got quite the kick out of this one! Love the paintings also!
Jenny said…
Loved your conversation. Your painting is superb. I don't have anything creative for the lids. Just the usual painted on ones and drilling holes and wiring three together to make funky snowmen!
You are a TALENTED tole painter but how about making those lids into pinkeeps?...maybe a fabric pinkeep with a small round piece of wood in the middle with a painted design...maybe a snowman, santa, pumpkin???