Another poop post!

A friend of mine told me that I have a lot of poop posts and I guess that she is right.  If I had used the word poop as a tag word in my posts, I wonder how many would come up.  Last Thursday was ANOTHER poop issue in our life.  The commode which had been running somewhat slow at the shop, stopped up altogether.  Mind you, the only good part of this timing is that it was not 100 degrees or 0 degrees.  It was a nice sunny, breezy day and if you had to look at the bright side, the weather was perfect for this activity! "

That, my friends was the only up side to this fiasco.  Well, the weather and the fact that dear hubby took responsibility for this big "oops" and remained somewhat good humored throughout what could have been quite the marriage testing event. 

You see that stack of stones there?  Well those and the little boys that put them there were the culprit.  We have clean-out pipes on the sewer lines and the cap had come off on one years ago.  The yard at the shop never seems to be a priority, there is always so much work to do there and when I get to go home, I do and don't want to go back to fix up the yard.  Apparently neither does John...he mows and trims and not much more than that. The cap has been missing for quite awhile.  Anyway, apparently the boys must have thought it was a great place to drop stones. 
Actually, we were surprised that we didn't find any golf balls in there.  The boys spend a lot of time golfing in that yard and there seem to be a lot of golf balls that come missing.

So this was the position dear hubby was in for much of the afternoon.  I didn't get pics as the hole got bigger and he got deeper, let's just say that he was in pretty deep until he was done and when the clog was finally broke and "everything" behind it bubbled out...well that was not the prettiest moment of the day.  At 4:30, everything fixed and working again, he left to go home and shower.  When I ran home on supper break (you see last week involved a lot of 12+ hour days at work for me) he was still filthy.  There are also poop problems at the new house and the man with the excavator was there waiting for him to start digging on that poop problem.  No sense wasting a good shower, right.  At 9 or so, we both dropped into recliners, clean and exhausted.  Shouldn't life slow down a little at this age?

And Bob...if you happen to read this, maybe you would like to come here and work one day a week on maintenance.  We could sure use you!  Really, we wouldn't make you put your hands in sewage!

My blog posts are becoming a bit monotonous...a crisis and some crafts! 
And now the craft portion. 
I made these last year to put in my church Christmas cards.  Thought I would make a few more for sale at the open house.  Fun and easy to do.

And yesterday morning, I made a few tissue purse holder.  These are really quick to make.  I have an idea to make them a little fancier though. 

I have some friends coming to paint with me later today.  How fun!  Off to put some chili in the crock pot, wouldn't want to stop and have to cook!


Eileen Bergen said…
Ewww ... my sympathies to your hubby.

Crisis and craft probably describes a lot of your readers' lives too - yours truly included. At least it's not crisis and crisis. lol.
Laurie said…
Well Cathy, I can honestly say your posts are NOT monotonous!! I always get a kick out of your little adventures and uncommon events! but I have to say, this tops them all!!
Kathy said…
lol.. way too funny... tell John I'm sorry .. but those pics were great.. it is amazing what they can find to put things isn't it?.. glad it's all fixed.. and lucky you to have some one coming to paint.. Love those little ornies.. too cute.. and the tissue holders are adorable..
(who is on a break from painting and actually some UFO's)
Lesley said…
Oh Cathy, I first saw the pics before reading and thought what happened to John, did he fall down or having a nap??? ROFL
Don't worry your posts are not monotonous, I enjoy them, I get a chuckle and I can most of the time picture the people involved and how things look. We all have crisis in our life, good thing we have crafts and hobbies to take us away from it all.
Love all your new items btw