Gracelyn's Tutorial

Disclaimer:  If you notice, we are doing this is Mamaw's really messy basement because it does make a mess, not that Mamaw didn't already have quite the mess before I started.
Today, I will be showing you how to make these lovely pictures, my Mommy and Daddy are going to be so excited when I bring them home.

Supplies needed:
Acrylic paints
A Mamaw that is not afraid of a little mess (or a big mess, obviously)

First, you gather your supplies and one of Mamaw's old shirts and find Mamaw's messy basecoating/varnishing table in the basement.
Then you start to place puddles of paint all over your paper.  It helps if Mamaw is close by, some of those lids can be a real bugger to get off.
Keep putting paint on, even after Mamaw says that is enough for this one, because the real fun starts when it squeezes out and goes everywhere.  Just beg a little in a cute little voice and Mamaw's usually cave.
Sometimes you have to shake the paint really hard to get a nice big puddle of paint.

Then, when you think you have enough, fold over the paper and press it together.

Open it up and if it is not colorful enough...

Fold it back up and squish really good until the paint squirts out the edges. 
See Mamaw's table?  She doesn't mind a little more mess. 

And voila!  You have a work of art.

Repeat until bedtime!


Balisha said…
How cute this post is. You have a little budding artist there I believe. Just look at her little face.
Not enough words to describe how precious this is....and look how she's sooooo in to it!
Jenny said…
What an adorable post! She is precious. I still loving making those kind of pictures!
Lesley said…
Gracely that was a very well done tutorial. I must try this.
I am sure Mawmaw won't mind a bit of paint on her table, I have seen it on her face!
This was priceless!
Kathy said…
Lol... this is too cute.. and soooo messy... love it.. yup she will be just like her Mawmaw..isn't that wonderful? hey once she's dipped her brush in her coffee..she'll be a full fledged member of our painting
Kath xo