I'll admit it.

It snuck up on me.  Oh, I knew that he was on his way, the evidence was there! But I am ashamed to say that there has been so much going on around here that the time just crept up on me. 
Baby Wyatt John should be making his arrival in less than two months!  TWO MONTHS!!! 
Where did that time go?  I guess it probably seems like a lot longer to Dianna than it does to the rest of us.

So, I have to get busy!  There are things to paint, things to knit, things to sew.  So much to do yet for the next little blessed addition to our family.

This week I will paint the room, well the decorative end of it anyway.  Travis has all the paint on the walls.  These are the colors of the room, these are the fabrics we are using.

I need to get busy! 

Hopefully Baby Wyatt does not take after his cousin Kendall and arrive a month early!


Ann said…
Cathy, Knowing you, you will have it all done before next weekend! The fabrics that you'll be using are great, can't wait to see them all stitched up. Have a good rest of the weekend. ~Ann
Eileen Bergen said…
Oh my, I won't keep you long. You have so much to do! I just want to say, I love the color palette. Baby Wyatt will be one lucky boy.