What a mess we are making!

I did not want to put the mess at the top of this post because I didn't want to scare anyone away with that little thumbnail coming up on other blogs, so I am starting with these little ornaments that were finished during last night's insomnia.  Insomnia brought on by too much to do before I leave on a short trip this week AND a cup of coffee that smelled so good at 9:00 on a nice, cool deck.  Why didn't I just sniff it?  I really didn't need to drink it also.

And this little mouse was a prototype for more.  I have them all cut-out, one more cup of coffee this evening and I would have them all done tomorrow...NOT!

And then this.  Wasn't this place supposed to start improving once we got it?   The demolition is creating more of an eyesore than I would have ever anticipated.  But good news!  The siding is in and as soon as this porch is rebuilt and a couple of windows replaced, we are ready to go!

I am leaving tomorrow for a mission trip to the Appalachia area.  We will be remodeling a bedroom and a bathroom, two different projects for two different families.  When I signed on for this trip, who would have ever thought that there would be this project right next door?  It is with a LOT of mixed feelings that I will be leaving.


your snowman penny ornaments are too cute!! I might have to make some....good luck on your trip and with your home remodeling!
patti :)
pammyjo said…
Ya know what? I think you are an amazing, creative, loving, giving woman. You'll make the mission trip, do wonderful things for God and return with inspiration and energy for your talents and projects. You are such an inspiration!
Such cute little snowman pennies!
You know, I had that same coffee sniff last night around 8pm. I resisted the urge though. It was difficult, I admit. The temptation was great and the addiction is strong but I got through it. Just typing about it has made me go in and get another fresh steaming hot cup though. :)
Best wishes for a fun and exciting mission trip.
Balisha said…
Have a safe trip. Just remember the good that you are doing for someone else.
It looks like your hubby is a talented man. It will still be there when you come home.
Please tell us about your experience when you return. Balisha
Good evening...you made good work of your sleepless hours. Those snowmen ornies are adorable.

We'll miss you while you are away. Have a safe trip. Take care ~Natalie
Eileen Bergen said…
The mouse is adorable. I love the snowmen too.

I'm amazed you can leave your house during renovations and go off to renovate other people's houses! God bless you, Cathy.

I hope the mission weekend is a very positive experience for you all.
Mary said…
Snowmen are so sweet, but that little mouse is just downright darling!