Back to painting.

The shower is over, the baby's room is done (no pics yet, I forgot my camera)
And I am back to painting frantically to get ready for the Open House.
And crafting.  These started out as a sewing project when I realized that they were a much easier GLUING project.  Very quick and easy and I already had the squares of fabric cut.

And doesn't this just look like a scene from a sci-fi movie.  Aliens invading the fireplace. The process has begun for the fireplace insert that we bought a month ago.  It has been sitting on our porch.  Reasons why it needs in?
1.  It is getting cold and we need it.
2. It is sitting on the front porch..and
3.  It is sitting on the front porch.

And off to the gym for the second morning of torture.


Laurie said…
You're so funny Cathy, love your projects and your sense of humor!