The cutest penny rug item EVER!

That is what arrived in my mailbox yesterday.  Cathy at Cath's Pennies (so glad that I finally figured out how to make that a link) had these ornaments and penny rug on her blog and I just happened to drop in there.  Blog reading is not UP for me right now, it is hit or miss, but anyway there they were and they are just the cutest things I have seen EVER!  I ordered this Wednesday AM and it arrived yesterday (Thursday 2:00).  You sure can't beat that service!
We are having a ladies camp weekend this weekend at a friend's camp and I am taking this (among half of everything else in my sewing room) with me to work on. 

If anyone is following the progress of the Ever Evolving Fireplace.  Finally, last night everything came together and the fireplace insert is in place and when I came home from my meeting at the church, there was some nice toasty air in the room.  Whew!  Just in time for the 70 degree, sunny weekend that we are going to have!

Not sure what those colorful pink and green things are in the fireplace openings, they aren't there actually.

And speaking of things that are or are not there. 
How about this picture? 

Notice the halo on the one child's head?
Notice how the other one did not have a halo yesterday?
Well, here's the thing.  To be fair,
I worked with him.
I provided the left handed tools.
I encouraged the activity.
I told everyone that he needed to learn.
I created this monster.

I am just really glad that this is all the damage I incurred from his obsession with scissors!


Eileen Bergen said…
What a terrific post, Cathy. How ever did you get that photo - one with halo, one without?! Just perfect.

The first time I got my 3-year old hands on a pair of grown-up scissors, I cut apart a beautiful corduroy jumper my mother had made for me.

You got off pretty easy, I'd say. lol.