Flying paintbrushes ll

I would take a picture of those flying paintbrushes, but I think that my camera might not do that stop action sport thing.  Otherwise, the photo would just be a big blur. 
 Nothing like a little last minute pressure to make me paint faster!
 And Baby Wyatt's room is ready for furniture and decorations and a BABY!

 Love this little teapot when I found it...if I didn't already have so much "stuff" I would probably keep this!
And another canister with sheets from an old hymnal.
Hope that those paintbrushes enjoyed this little rest and are refueled and ready to go! 


Beautiful it all!
debzdogz said…
WOW! You have really dived in & created some beautiful pieces! Great job! LOVIN' that teapot too!

i may have asked this, but where in Western Pa are you? i am from East Vandergrift (near Apollo, etc) and also have family in New Bethlehem (near Mayport)

Keep the brushes flying!
Oh wow....look at all those snowmen...and they are my favorite for Winter decorating.

What treasures.