Shower gifts

Gifts for Baby Wyatt.  Awhile back, I had painted another one of these rocking horses for a friend of my Mom and Dad's that had just had a baby boy.  I put it in my mind then that in the event that we get another baby boy, I was going to have to make him one of these.  And these are the rest of the items. 
Now to get the nursery painting finished. 

John had not been going to the gym all summer.  He had not gained weight.  On the other hand, I had not been running because of an ankle injury on one foot and an issue with my heel on the other foot.  Yesterday we were up at five and off to the gym together.  My first experience in a real gym and I really liked it, however this morning simple tasks are a little more difficult.  Simple tasks like standing, sitting, walking and picking up my coffee cup.  But tonight, when I hit the recliner to watch The Biggest Loser, I am going to be so glad that I went.  I might hurt too bad to get out of the recliner and go to bed, but I will be glad I went.  Should I write that 100 times to convince myself?


All if the gifts look great...but the rocking horse is extra special. Have fun at the shower...if you can get there?!!
Just teasing!!!

Have a terrific Tuesday. ~Natalie
Laurie said…
What a lucky little boy Cathy! Adorable!!!
I love the biggest loser, it gears me up for the week. Enjoy that gym!
Eileen Bergen said…
Cathy, the rocking horse is just precious! You've outdone yourself.