What you don't ask for.

Did you ever get money that you didn't ask for?  Payment for a job that you didn't want paid for?
Well I did this weekend.  I enjoyed the job that I did, enjoyed the time spent with an old friend, catching up and talking, and then...I got paid. 
What to do with that money? 
I bought yarn!
Not yarn for myself, but yarn to make hats and scarves to donate.
Last year, I had lots of them made, I sent them to several places. 

This year, I have done nothing. 
Since I need some rest anyway, the next few weeks of evenings will be spent in the recliner...
Well that and whatever else needs done in the 90,000 projects that jump up around here.

The other thing that I didn't ask for...
Last night was the annual Stockholder's Meeting for our local fair.  John was running for manager of that fair.  I was willing to help, but really didn't need a job.  Now I am the Librarian.  I didn't even know what the Librarian did.  I guess I take pictures and make a scrapbook of the fair.  Sounds easy enough. 
Any volunteers to run a screenprinting shop for the week of the fair? 
Job swap, vacation in the country, all expense paid week at the B & B?  Any takers? 
Just so you know, it is not a REAL B & B...just my house! 


Laurie said…
Tough to turn down Cathy! But alas, I've been gone for 2 weeks and have to catch up on housecleaning!