Good, Better and I Think I Got It

Well really, the first one is not really even good.  I found this pattern for crocheted mittens.  It didn't turn out so good.  The second one was knitted last night with lots of help from my local knitting guru friend, Carol.  Always good to have a knitting guru friend that understands the directions and can SHOW you what they mean.  Not perfect, but I somewhat got the concept.  Then last night when the caffeine from the delicious coffee that went with the delicious pumpkin cranberry dessert (you see my knitting guru friend can also do other amazing things like bake and cook) kicked in, I started another one and figured out the mistakes that I made on the first knitted one.
I am starting to think that it might be easier to buy those dollar store gloves and mittens to go with the hats and scarves, but really....I know that I can master this and how much warmer these will be on little hands.

And the most amazing purchase of the week.  Monday, I hit Michael's and bought these circular needles.  Wow is all I can say!  No more dropped stitches from those double pointed needles.  These are so much better!

And as a final note. 
The secondary title to this post.
How many hospitals can we visit this week? 

Sonogram with Shawnee
Indiana Hospital
Happy Occasion!  Beautiful little profile of a new baby and wonderful to see that little heart beating.
Armstrong County Hospital
Taking Marilyn to Dialysis
Picking Marilyn up from Dialysis
Indiana Hospital
Early Am
Jenn, Logan and I
Armstrong County Hospital
Marilyn to Dialysis
West Penn Hospital
Doctor's Appt for Marilyn
Could we possibly make it a whole week and have a new baby? 
I am sure that Dianna would be happy with that!


Laurie said…
Looks like you're getting the hang of the mittens Cathy!
Hope the new baby arrives on time! It's always such an awesome event. And a much happier occasion to visit the hospital.