Good News and My Words of the Day.

This is Dianna and Wyatt yesterday.  We are getting better reports daily.

He is such an adorable little guy. 
We are hoping to have him home by the end of next week.

Answered Prayers!

And then my day.

In my words.

Jenn, why don't you go to the hospital with your dad and I'll keep the boys.

Wait, you are ready to bring them now? 
I had some errands to run.
I need laundry soap.
I have no clean underwear.
I don't have any clean socks.
Wait here are two white ones.
It's OK if they don't really match.
My hair is wet.
Give me 10 minutes anyway.
(Two minutes later)
Why, hello Tyler and Logan.  Be good just until Grandma gets her hair dry and her face on.
OK, boys load up. 
First, we have to go to the shop,
Second to the post office,
Third to the bank,
Fourth to the Dollar General and
Fifth to the grocery store.

Oh and be ready boys in the event that we see a yard sale somewhere.
Put the balloons back.
Stay together.
Boys come back here.
Yes, you can have one toy each.
OK Logan, yours can be that stick horse.
Why yes, we do need crazy straws.
Please don't weigh the apples.
OK, we will follow the horse through the grocery store.
Yes, of course we need cheese balls, Popsicles and bug juice.
No Tyler, no chewy candy after the trip to the dentist this week.
Boys, come back here.
Can somebody find some paper towels for me so that I can clean up this orange bug juice.
Boys, hold the cart through the parking lot.
Boys, no treats until you help Grandma get the groceries in.
Of course you are strong enough to carry laundry soap to the basement.
Of course I can hook up the splatster on the TV. 
Yes, that is great that you can play Twinkle Twinkle on the xylophone and the piano.
Really, forty five verses of Twinkle Twinkle might be enough.
Yes, of course we can have a picnic on the deck.
The bees won't hurt you.
OK, we'll move the picnic back inside.
No Popsicles at the computer
No Popsicles in my knitting bag.
Yes, we can go outside.
Please don't wreck the Gator and the bikes together. 
Watch out for Grandma's car.
Really, I don't think that bike did THAT much damage to Grandma's car.
OK, we can go for a walk. 
Logan, really, didn't you know that you had to poop before we got to the farthest point away from the house.
If you want to be a hunter someday you have to poop in the woods so let's practice now.
Of course we can run home. 
Grandma was a runner for a very short period of her life.
Logan did you poop yet?
Tyler is your brother asleep? 
Really Tyler did he have to fall asleep with his hand in the back of his pants? 
Logan, nice to see you awake.
What is all over your hand and what is that smell? 
Logan we have to wash your hand and we have to give you a bath...please stop crying. 

(Jenn comes back...)
Jenn...he is yours!

OK, boys, it is time to go home.

I know but you have been here for eight hours and Grandma is very tired.
Did I mention that Papa is the one asleep in the chair? 
Good thing that he was not here, he would be catatonic right now.

They are either keeping me young or wearing me out.  The verdict is not in yet. 


Cathy: I just about died laughing reading this really should be a writer or something....are you? hysterical!!
patti ;)
OMGosh I'm laughing outloud! And almost wetting my pants! lol

What a day Cathy and you know what? There's another little one just born who's going to be part of the group in no time.


Hugs, Karen
Lesley said…
Cathy you are hilarious. You should turn your blog posts into a book of Cathy's daily chronicles.
The Poop Story really had me going. LOL
Never a dull moment at your house.
Glad Dianna and Wyatt are improving.
Balisha said…
You are the "Erma Bombeck" of child care.. Don't they have unlimited energy?..Put your feet up today...Balisha