The List Continues to Shrink

Three more orders almost finished. They just need varnished now.
These aren't colors that I normally use and they are way brighter than they look in the picture.
A nice change from my normal palette.

And basic stars and vines.
And now for the award for the
Best Use of Turkey Leftovers.
The Nominees include:
Almost every household in the country.
And the winner is....(shuffling around as I open the envelope)
Drum Roll Please.
Dum da da dum!

This soup rocks.
It is literally the BEST soup I have ever eaten.
Sorry Mom (who rarely reads the blog anyway)
But this beats your soup!
I really hope that statement does not affect the care packages of wedding soup that I receive.

I am telling you THE BEST!
I can't wait to be hungry again.
Soup for breakfast...


pammyjo said…
I so admire your lettering. Awesome. The soup looks fabulous. Keep picking off your list. Way to go! :)
Lois said…
Hi Cathy!
The soup looks really yummie.
My hubby John, made turkey soup this year too.
It was the first time for him to make turkey soup as he really is not fond of it.
Surprise, surprise.....It was one of the best soups he has made in our 38 years together. As of this year it is now in his "turkey holiday" recipe file.
Isn't it great that our hubbies like to cook?
Thanks for sharing Cathy, have a great week.
Laurie said…
You work fast, and it's so pretty Cathy! That soup is awesome! I think it's time to make some, it put me in the mood for a pot!
luv2teek said…
Love, love, love soup...but alas, I am always the one making it! Lucky you!

You continue to amaze me at how fast you can whip out projects! Love them all...take care...Bev