Menopausal ADD

About a week ago, someone sent an email to me regarding Adult ADD. 
After reading it, I painfully realized that I might have a problem.  It described me very accurately.
Take yesterday morning.
I had to remake two beds and vacuum for the bear hunters that were arriving later in the day.
The sheets were clean and in the washer.
Get up
Make the coffee,
Check my email.
Sip the coffee.
Take the sweeper upstairs.
Go to the basement for the sheets, but first, there is that sweater that I went to put on last Sunday that has a stain on it so while I am going to the basement, I am just going to run over to the other side of the house and get that sweater and throw it in while I was going to the basement anyway.
Spot the sweater, start the washer, gather the sheets and pillowcases, take them upstairs.
Turn on the iron in the messy sewing room.
Clean up a few things in there while the iron is heating.
Walk by the mirror and realize that my hair needs colored really bad.
Run back downstairs and start a list for Walmart color is at the top of the list.
While I am there I straighten and separate the mail on the kitchen counter. 
Iron is warm and I start to iron the pillowcases that my MIL recently gave me and I realize that the other end of them was never finished.
Sew the pillowcases up and press.

But wait, I forgot to put a log on the fire. 
Back downstairs and put a log on the fire, get another cup of coffee.
Make the first bed.
Vacuum, wait, that mirror behind the door needs taken to the attic.
And the Lego's that the boys were playing with also need taken to the attic.
The washer must be done by now, back to the basement. 
Everything in the dryer, back to the kitchen to make some toast and set the timer on the stove so that I don't forget and over dry the sweater. 
Clean off the counters while I am waiting on the toast.
Check email again while I munch on the toast
Time to take John his morning wake up coffee in bed.
Timer goes off, take sweater out and lay out to finish drying.
Other bedroom, change sheets.
Wait the sweeper does not seem to be picking up.
Empty the sweeper across the road in the field.
Phone rings.
Talk to mom while I sit on the porch, still holding the canister of the sweeper, watching for the car that goes by here way too fast every morning.  I really want to know who that is so that we can have a little "talk"
Back to finish that bedroom, bed made, room cleaned,
Finally the house was somewhat ready and it was time to go to work.
I'd like to say work was somewhat more organized but it wasn't.
I did manage to finish that ironing board at the top of the post
and last night at Light Up Night,
I found this at the thrift shop

I found this little stash today at a thrift shop on my way to Pittsburgh to the hospital.
Update on Wyatt.
He was supposed to come home today and had a minor set back during the night so he will be in the hospital a couple of more days.  Disappointing to all of us, but none more than Mom and Dad.
He was moved to a regular room and now Dianna will be staying with him for the time being.
Thanks for all the messages and prayers. 


Hmmmmmmmmmmm sounds like my kind of day!
Ann said…
Cathy, I COMPLETELY understand! Say no more, LOL! I do have to say those pillow cases are much too nice for a bear hunter! I think I would keep those for myself. ~Ann
chalk it up to being very busy...that's what I say....haha!