The Never Ending Projects

I have myself in quite the mess.
I am calling in the Never Ending Project Syndrome.
You see, I started this before the Open House and never quite got it finished. 
Now it is in the way and needs done and out of there but,
I paint and paint and paint and there seems to be no end to it.

And then I got myself into this project. 
A man at our church goes to two nursing homes every Sunday and worships with the residents.
What a ministry he has!
I offered to make walker/wheelchair bags for his (what I thought was a little) flock.
Two Sundays ago, I told him that I would have them in a week for him and oh, by the way, how many do you actually need?
My mind was wrapped around the number 12.
THIRTY!  was the number I heard him say.
I repeated just a trifle louder and more panicked than I probably should have.
Thirty it is. 
I offered.
So I am sewing and sewing and sewing and sewing.
And then these little buggers.
I had my Dad cut these way back in January. 
I basecoated and started painting them way back then.
I got about three of them actually finished.
You say "Well that is good, you are way ahead of the game"
I had him cut out oh about 50 of them.
You see, I thought that I would put them in all of my Christmas cards this year.
That should have been Christmas 2010.
Not really seeing that happening.
Lest you see a pattern of non-finished projects.  I did finish this scarf.
And I did finish these mittens and hats.
The problem?
Too much knitting and not enough sewing and painting.
And then to add to the problem (as if it wasn't big enough already)
I started this book. 
It is thick. 
I love historical fiction though, and a few years ago I spent a couple of weekends in Charleston with a sick car, but that is another story for another time.
I loved Charleston despite the $3000 car repair bill, various hotel bills, a rental car, and let's not forget the speeding ticket when dear hubby (who did not enjoy Charleston and was trying to get away as fast as he could) racked up his first and only speeding ticket in South Carolina when he tried to outrun a really fast Camaro with an old and tired, but newly fixed Taurus. 
And speaking of that dear man.  
Here he is holding Wyatt John at the hospital yesterday. 
We are getting good reports on Wyatt.  They have started him on a medicine that seems to be working and he is responding well to it.  It may be a medication for life, but other than that he should make a full recovery and have a normal life. 
Thank you for all the prayers! 
They have certainly been answered. 

And if you are still with me....
It helps to have a stash and perhaps be a bit of a hoarder. 
This ribbon was left over from the wedding of a daughter of a friend of mine.  She told me to keep it and I hate to admit it, but it was still in the same crate that I brought it home from the church in.  It was sitting on the basement floor still.  The wedding was last winter.  That should really tell you something about the state of the basement and why you will probably see me on an episode of Hoarders someday.
But anyway, yesterday a woman came in the shop asking me questions about how much ribbon she would need to buy to make bows for her church. 
It is a tiny church in the country that welcomed me in some rough years.
They wanted silver bows for their church this year.
The red one she brought in had really seen better years. 
Light Bulb Moment!  
I had this silver ribbon!  
You are really not a hoarder if you are willing to give it away, are you? 

Molly and is going to a good cause!  


Carol K said…
So glad to have been present when the ruffle scarf finally came off your looks great! Just think of the extra room you will have when the ribbon-bows leave your house. Room enough for more potential projects! -Carol
Ann said…
Just when I think I'm tired and going to sit and not do anything, I think of you or read your blog and I'm inspired to get going! As far as being a hoarder - I find that if I ever throw anything away, I need it within the next week! Hence - the lesson of "Don't throw anything away!" ~Ann
Laurie said…
All the projects Cathy! And then little Wyatt. I'm so happy prayers are being answered for him, what a precious little man. Bless all of you!