Panic Button

It was time to hit the panic button.

It happens every year.

Where did the year go?


Christmas is less than a month away?

I still have this...

and this...

and this...

and these...

and these...

and about eight cabinet doors to paint.



But the real panic set in when I tried to load this adorable little snowman template to get rid of the Blogger Template thing that I didn't like and


It all went away.


I think I felt my heart skip a beat. Or two.

Actually I think I had 9-1 dialed,

when I told myself.

Calm, Calm....

I read, I hit help, panic some more, help again.




It had to be somewhere and I had to find it.

Finally, I was back.

The next thing I searched was the info on how to back-up your blog.

Found it.

Saved it.


You might think all those things to paint in one month would be enough to panic anyone?

Losing two years worth of blogging for me would be the real issue!

The mitten picture at the top is just for those of you that have the ability to put those cute little thumbnails on your blog. They look so much more inviting than an unpainted item waiting to be finished. Those mittens are so cozy. I want to make lots more...but...I have to paint!

And now this.

Gracelyn was working the runway Wednesday evening in this lovely, fifty year old vintage number. She wears it well. Such a great fashion choice in the brown socks to accent this.

This was my dress when I was little. It was a dress that my grandfather had bought for me.

My mother saved it all those years and my girls each had a picture taken in it.

It was Gracelyn's turn. What we didn't count on was that she loved it and would not take it off.

She wore it up until I saw Tyler standing at the freezer passing out Popsicles to his brother and cousins.

Off came the dress!


For as good as you are there's no PANIC to get those items can do it girl.

Your new blog template is beautiful...I can feel your panic in losing all your work...

Oh, your darling daughter looks so sweet in that dress and what a keepsake!

Laurie said…
I know you'll make it Cathy! And the dress is such a special keepsake, and and awesome tradition!!