Weekend with the Princess

One more finished project off the list BEFORE the Princess arrived for her Weekend at Mama's House. We finished decorating the church. Thanks again to Paula, Shawnee and Jennifer for all their help on Friday, even if the two youngest of that group in a Black Friday shopping stupor caused me a mild panic attack when I thought the Nativity was missing.
Gracelyn and I managed to locate Baby Jesus and set up everything yesterday.
Big White Box.
Big Letters.
Hard to miss, Girls!

And we posed in front of the Christmas tree!

We baked cookies.
Now, before any of you read this and think I have suddenly gone domestic.
Cookie Dough in a Bag.
Prepared Icing.
Ok, I did add the food coloring to make it pink.
That's as domestic as I get.

We watched the start of the Wizard of Oz before she went to bed. I questioned that, it always scared me. Sometimes it still does.
She seemed to love it!


pammyjo said…
What a fun weekend for you. Gracelyn is such a beautiful lil girl. We are on the same link for cookie baking. Lovebug thinks it's so fun and yummy. There are just so many hours in a day. LOL Have a great Sunday! :)
Laurie said…
Gracelyn is a sweetie! I just finished watching Wizard of Oz myself, it was a yearly tradition growing up, no matter how often I watched it, it stressed me out!
Oh you are just too cute...lol I love your posts...you are so honest about yourself...love it.

Gracelyn is a darling and really gets into this domestic thing doesn't she?