A Better Day

After the Monday I had, Tuesday was bound to get better.
And it did.
The first thing I noticed was it was quieter at work.
JWS had to take his Mom to dialysis because of the bad roads.
Two hour delay meant I didn't start my day watching Penguin Bowling with Logan.
One of the first phone calls was a person that DIDN'T need her milk can painted
BEFORE Christmas.
Check another thing off the list.
My contacts were in and my glasses have this coating on them that was driving me nuts.
Another rant I could go on but won't.
They sold me this coating ($90) and it looked like a rainbow oil sheen on my glasses from
Day One.
It scratched terrible.
The first call to the office told me that they could not remove it and new lenses were going to
be $200.
Yesterday they called and said that they could remove it.
They removed it and when John went back to get his Mom, he picked them up.
Almost perfect...and the best part...FREE!
$200 extra in my pocket for the holidays.
And the third happy happening.
Freshly made Apple Dumplings delivered to the shop!
Thank you Dale, they were delicious!
Another order done.

And the "confessional" part of this post.
I really don't do these things on purpose,
but for the sake of what might be happening sub-consciously,
I'll just confess.
JWS thinks that I perform tasks that I just might not care to do,
a little carelessly.
He thinks it is my way of getting out of unsavory tasks.
Who would do a thing like that?
He always refers back to the golf cart incident when he asked me
to ride along with him an evening while he golfed.
I didn't think that it sounded all that bad.
No cell phone service,
peace and quiet,
beautiful nature.
I guess that I didn't realize how fun it was to run a golf cart!
They spin, they get up some pretty good speed, they swerve, they are seriously fun!
He was sick.
Let's just say I was never invited back.
There have been some cooking issues in the past.
I don't really cook much any more.
Some laundry issues.
He does his own laundry.
Yard problems.
I don't seem to be allowed to run the weed eater any more.
Anyone seeing a trend here?
Last night,
A truckload of firewood to unload.
First, I pinched his fingers.
Then I clunked him in the head pretty good with a piece of firewood.
I did not get kicked off the job.
Gotta think of something else.


cottageprims said…
So glad your day went a little better.The firewood is a man's job anyway.LoL.Warm Blessings!~Amy
Connie said…
It's 7:23 in the morning and I'm laughing so hard I'm almost in tears! Thanks for starting my day off right :)
Catherine said…
Glad to hear your Tuesday was better. Still laughing about your confessional!!
Balisha said…
Our first year with the fireplace, I ordered a load of firewood for one of my hubby's Christmas presents. They delivered it and dumped it in the driveway, while I was gone. I wanted him to be surprised so...I went out and stacked it on the side of the house. He came home and was surprised that it was stacked...needless to say, that was the start of my job of helping to stack the wood. I guess once you do it...you do it forever. Now we have a gas fireplace...no wood stacking. Balisha
LOL!!! too funny about the wood!!Im sure you will think of something. Merry Christmas, Love the sign too.
Sheila said…
OMGoodness you are funny! I am laughing so hard with tears in my eyes. I just started following you last week and I guess I missed a good one with the golf cart! I can only imagine what that was like. Glad your day is going better for you. Can't wait for the next post!
Blessings to you,
LOL, thanks for the humor this morning! It also gives me some ideas .......
Oh Cathy, your posts always brighten my day!! I am glad your day was better than Monday, anything had to be an improvement!!

I swear my husband gets out of unsavory tasks just like you do!! Hmmm....might have learned something here.8-) I would have loved the golf course story, you must tell it to us.

Wow Cathy...that's funny...and what men usually do to get out of doing stuff around the house!...I'll have to try some of those tricks with mine!!.....
Anytime you can add apple dumplings into the mix? SERIOUSLY!! You got ME off on the right foot, right there :)