Christmas 2010

Where is my camera?
Where is my coffee cup?
Where is the coaster for under my coffee cup?
Where is the cord to my camera?
Why are my pictures not centered?
Christmas...the morning after!
These are some gifts that I could not post earlier.
Shelby and Ryan and Jenn and Chris did not have name boards.
So...not one to not take a hint.
They each got one for Christmas this year.

And Dad and Mom and John and I made these games for each family for Christmas. Well, really Dad and Mom did the most work on them. The SIL's were out in the driveway playing them yesterday.

And a couple of scarves that I made for the girls.
Christmas started yesterday at noon with this little princess.
Calm, orderly present unwrapping...see how she lays it in her lap and daintily opens it?
Christmas then went into it's normal overdriven, overstimulated blur of events. Baby Wyatt slept through a lot of it. I am sure he will do his part to add to the chaos next year.

At one point, it seemed quiet and upon some searching we found these three jumping on a bed. Kendall was right in there with them but got down before the picture...and yes, I did get the boys those pop guns and did get all the kids punch balls. And yes, once again, I did get blamed for much of the confusion!

There was tons of food and one of the hits of the day for me was John's homemade ginger ale.
He found a recipe for it online and cut up the fresh ginger and made a syrup with it and mixed it with club soda, mint and lime. So refreshing!
Christmas at Grandma's and Papa's.
A Time to Remember
Now where is my recliner and knitting needles? I really have to go back to work today?


Good Morning, Cathy,
It looks perfect. Lots of children, good food, gifts made with your hands and from your heart...perfect!

Have a thoughtful Thursday ~Natalie
Hi Cathy, looks like a lot of fun!! Love the signs you made.
Jody said…
Love the name signs! Everyone looks like they were having a great time. Happy New Year to you!
looks like a lot of fun....grammas are supposed to give the noisey toys!! Wow, homemade gingerale, never had it before....sounds like a lot of work though...
forgot to say those signs are spectacular!! love them
Laurie said…
Christmas chaos! It's the best isn't it Cathy!?
michelle said…
What fun They were having!We have a very ornery nephew that we always buy the "fun"toys for .lol.The signs look amazing and the cornhole boards great!My hubby loves to play,I on the other hand have no skills whatsoever.happy new year!blessings michelle
Carol said…
Aww, I love the handmades. They are the best presents:) Ooh, sounds like you could use more time off. Have a wonderful healthy and happy new year:)