Christmas, delayed!

Our Christmas with our family was to be today.
And then....
John is sick, nasty cold that still may need checked.
My Mom is sick with the flu,
My Dad has pneumonia,
Marilyn had dialysis.
And so...
We postponed.
Christmas has officially been moved to December 29 this year.
And so on my day off I painted.
This Santa was inspired by one of the stacks of Christmas cards that I have kept for inspiration.
Fun to paint. We did pass out of few of the hand-made gifts and now I can post pics of them.
This was made for my MIL for Christmas.
We filled it with all kinds of purse things.
This was for Shelby and Ryan's bathroom.
The letters are their initials.
After looking at this pic for awhile, I lightened up the block in the bottom left corner.
Forgot to retake the pic.

And this...another repeat of the snowmen heads.
Jenn really liked this and kept telling me and I took the hint.

And so, the presents are still wrapped, the food is in the fridge and freezer and everything is on hold waiting for people to get healthy.


Connie said…
Hope everyone is feeling better soon.
Love your purse and snowmen!
Aww Cathy; I'm sorry that everyone is sick! We went over to my sister's house yesterday neice vomited for 2 days before Christmas so I'm waiting for the bomb to drop here @ our house. Best wishes for a great gathering!
NancyD said…
Your work is just lovely! We have also delayed Christmas until the 28th. Our kids are away and just the 2 of us didn't seem quite right! lol So...just another couple sleeps! LOL Much better when everyone is healthy and together, right? Enjoy on the 29th!
OH MY, I hope EVERYONE gets better real soon so you ALL can enjoy your Christmas. That is the worse being sick on Christmas or near Christmas. It will be even more special when you are all feeling better!
You can enjoy the food and opening up
all you Christmas presents!!
Merry Christmas
and Happy New year!!!
Hope everyone is healthy soon and you can enjoy your holiday Cathy!
Oh how sad that everyone was ill or had something that kept them from being together.
The pictures you made are beautiful and so is the lovely purse for your MIL.
Enjoy your belated Christmas celeration.

Sheila said…
Hoping that everyone is feeling better soon and that the New Year will bring good health to you all!
Love your newly painted Santa! Reminds me of a Christmas card I sent out a few years back!
Blessings to you,
Oh Cathy Sweetie...
I am so sorry to hear that SO many of you have been and are still sick. This will be nice that you can celebrate Christmas and New Years together. You may start something new in your family. I like the idea that it gives you more time to get ready for everything.

Love your paintings and that bag you made for your MIL is so beautiful. I bet she loved it too.

Your Santa is the cutest one I have seen, a star Santa. I love his little polka dots all over him. Just precious.

Many hugs and SO much love to you sweet one. I will be sending some prayers for your family to get well soon. Love, Sherry
Catherine said…
I do hope that everyone is feeling better!
Danice said…
Your paintings are so beautiful. I am now following your blog :)