How to Trap a Gingerbread Man

Sure hope that it works.
Tyler needed a Gingerbread Trap for Kindergarten.
It really tapped my creativity.
I gave it tons of thought.
And this is what we came up with.
Papa helped in the logistics of it.
Tyler didn't want to help because he didn't like the smell of the hot glue.
But he persevered, somewhat.
JWS said, "Welcome to the world of boys!"
He was right, they sure don't have the attention span of girls.
In the short hour that it took to make this,
"Watch how fast I can run!"
"When are we going to paint something?"
"Are we going to make popcorn?"
"I can't get the wrapper off of this candy cane"
"Gramma, why do you have this big mess in this house?"
"Who are all these presents for?"
"Can I move them around and find mine?"
"What is all this stuff in the basement?" (Doors)
"Hey, your nativity set is the same as Mommy's"
"Ohhhh, you painted both of them"
"Can I paint something?"And finally....
"Can we make some cookies?"
I had this "new" cookie press that I found at a yard sale this summer.
Pampered Chef, still in the box, never been used...$5.
I wanted to try it.
What better excuse for them NOT working than two little helpers.
That sure takes the heat off of my cooking skills.
So we tried them.
Not perfect.
But they had a blast with it.

And the cookies sure tasted great.

Yesterday was another hectic day.
I dropped in bed at 8:00 and slept through until 5 this morning.
Caught up?
I don't think so.


cottageprims said…
The gingerbread trap is cute.I would have never thought of that.Gotta love when the little ones come for a visit.My nieces took it a step further and wanted to open all the presents even the ones that weren't theirs.Hope you get a day of peace soon.Warm Blessings!~Amy
michelle said…
how cute he sounds .great trap!I had my girls frost sugar cookies last night.yhey had fun and dint make much mess.great deal on the cookie press,pampered chef is really expensive.Im sure it originally was ten times worth that.what a bargain!have a great holiday and i hope he catches that gingerbreadman.blessings michelle
What an adorable Gingerbread Man Trap! How creative and you are such a great grandma!

Your comments on his comments make me giggle! Thanks...

Merry Christmas.

Hi Cathy: Cookies look great as well as the gingerbread trap..little boys are too funny! I love what they come up with...priceless. you gotta write down some of the funny sayings.
love that gingerbread trap..very creative..and I too have one of those cookie makers from pampered it at a garage sale too for the same price.;)and I am not done either.;)
Lesley said…
I love reading your blog. Sure have missed it in these busy weeks and past months but when I come I always feel like I know even the children.
I wish you all a very Merry Christmas Cathy and Prosperous and Healthy New Year.
Les xo