Inspirational Quote

In the middle of the work day, yesterday, I walked out.
Couldn't take it any longer,
it was sort of a mini-strike.
"When I get an anonymous blog..."
I will tell the story, but for now, the stress was too much.
Normally I "go to water".
Everyone knows it and really I guess they know where they could find me.
There is a lake nearby and several nice peaceful streams.
I have my spots. I would take pics and post them, but then someone might be able to find me.
Again..."When I have an anonymous blog..."
I went shopping.
Just to nearby Smicksburg.
And I saw a picture with this quote.
How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving and tolerant of the weak and strong. Because someday in your life you will have been all of these.
George Washington Carver
I should have bought the picture right then!
Or better yet....
I should have it tattooed to the back of my hand...
or my forehead.
When I caved and went back to work, I was telling John and Jennifer about the quote.
I read it to them, several times.
I went on about how true that was and how I needed to live more like that and think about that every day, how I needed....blah blah, blah.
Jenn looks at me and says.
"Your quote in life should be 'Welcome to the crazy train!'".
Such wisdom in one so young.

Since I rarely post pics of my actual real job.
This is a shirt that we did yesterday.
It so fits the season, and the weather outside.

And another one of those really beat up sleds.
In process.

And done!

I have one more of these to do, but it is for the customer and not a Christmas gift,
so I am going to wait until after the holiday to do it for her.
Right now I have one more order to paint before Christmas.
A couple of sewing/crafting items.
Lots of gifts that I still want to make!
I am going to start earlier next year.
Welcome to the crazy train!


Love that quote Cathy, I think I could use that tattoo myself. Sorry you had a bad day but it sounds like a wonderful place you go to find peace.
I love the sled, you know me and snowmen.8-)
Hope the crazy train treats you kindly today.
I know all to well about crazy days at work! Sorry you had such a bad one yesterday. Here's hoping today will be much better! Hang in there! Love the sled, looks awesome!
Catherine said…
Love that quote and that sled! You have an amazing talent!
So love the sled, beautiful work! Yes, you have amazing talent!Painting is beautiful!

The quote is wonderful!

Oh, so can relate to crazy days!
Hang in there girl!
I always tell myself breath in & out( over & over)!
Somedays I just tell my Hubby, yep I want to lock myself in a room all alone! He knows to stay away from me those days! LOL, but I have never done it!
I always survive what ever life jumps in my path, but I much rather have the calmness!
take care girl, get some TLC
Sheila said…
Thank you Cathy for sharing that beautiful quote with us! I'm adding it to my little book of quotes I keep-to look back on when I need a kick in the pants!
I have an old sled I'd love to have you put your touch on! To far away though~
The t-shirt design is awesome.
Wishing you a peaceful day~
Eileen Bergen said…
Great quotes, Cathy!

The 1st made me reflect on a person I'm currently in conflict with and resolve to be more tolerant with her.

The 2nd - yup, life is really crazy sometimes - especially when I lose perspective.

Thanks for the words of wisdom.

The sled is precious!
basketsbyrose said…
Great words to live by, but Crazy Trains fits into todays world!