Painting, Sewing, Painting, Wrapping, Painting

A Birthday Party,
A Christmas Party,
A Steeler Game (on TV),
A Giveaway...
And don't forget Church Nursery,
although the hour spent with five two-year-old children was almost the relaxing part of my weekend.
More orders finished,
Although when I saw these sleds that a customer brought to me, I was skeptical of their condition, this one didn't turn out too bad. Hopefully, the next two will work out as well.
Yes, that is two more that need done for Christmas.
Where was my head when I said, "Of course, I can paint those for you." And if anyone remembers the walker bag fiasco.
They are done!
All thirty of them!

And another order for a customer. One more of these needs finished for Christmas also.


I hear my mouth saying "Of course, I can paint those for you."

And some wrapping.
Well actually all the wrapping of everything I have bought so far.
I am not quite done shopping and making yet.

And more painting.
Another order.

And let's not forget the day of painting, staining and drywalling that happened at the house next door.
And you might say, How? How could all that happen in a weekend?
(Well, a long weekend that started Thursday night.)
This mass production, flurry of activity is brought to you by..

Wait for it...

These Two.

Oh, they might look harmless enough, but the one on the left is a bit of a slave driver, mass production, project manager freak. She looks all the part of a calm little great grandmother, but give her a project(s) and she becomes a tyrant to get it done...all of it, no stopping, keep moving, work 'til you drop and accept nothing else.

Oh my gosh.

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, I am my mother after all.

When my parents show up, production begins.
We made major progress on the house next door on Saturday.

Sunday morning, we got up to go to church, they went to Pittsburgh to Christmas shop.
Shouldn't they have been tired?
I was.
I slept through halftime, the third quarter and most of the fourth quarter of the game..
and they shopped.

I know that somewhere in all those pills they take, they are taking some type of non-prescription uppers.
I have to know.
I need them.

And one last painting project.

I have more orders, I need to get busy,
I was really hoping for a snow day.
Not happening.

Did I mention the little bit of knitting that happened?
That was the calm that made me miss the Steeler game.
I think I fell asleep with the knitting needles in my hand.


My goodness Cathy, I thought I could get a lot done in a week-end but I take a backseat to you!! I love how that sled turned out, makes we want to go find one. Love the milk too, love everything!!
I hate to say but I sound a bit like your mother till you drop and then try to do a little more.8-)
Have a great day!!
Kathy said…
Everything looks great..the milk can I love especially... Could I have your Mom for a couple of days please? am looking at everything that has to be done.. want to go back to
Cathy, HOLY MOLY, where do you get ALL your energy, could you send me some PLEASE!!
Your gifts under the Christmas tree looks so beautiful! OHHH the sled that you painted is out of sight!

Your parents look HAPPY to be there with you! It does sound like you all got alot done!

Merry Christmas to you and your whole family,
Prim Blessings,
wow, I want to know where they get their energy too! Great job on the sled, paint can, pic frame!! It takes me so long to paint something...what's your secret to getting a lot done?...besides the slave drivers??....have a great day Cathy!!
Sheila said…
Oh, I'm tired just reading all that got done! LOL
We got lots done at our house this weekend too, but nothing fun like what you painted and worked on! Grateful for the shelves and reorganizing my hub did in the basement though!
Can I send you my old sled to paint? Way cute!
All your paintings look amazing!

And I love how you wrapped all your presents white under the tree! Looks pretty!

Carmen and the Primcats
Wow, busy lady! I did the same thing when I had my cookie business. Sure, what's one more order, and another, and another. Who needs sleep? :)
whew! I am tired and all I did was read about your weekend...Are you sure you aren't taking some of those magic pills ;) I love all the orders you have finished!! Your painting is just beautiful :0)
Lois said…
When you start having a class on how you get everything painted so fast, sign me up!!! I'll be there with bells on!!!! You amaze me with what you get done. Obviousily, I don't organize my day better!!!! Finished up my last craft show and cleaned up the living room....finally. No more Dec shows!!!

Lois L.
Ann said…'s really no wonder that you won my Procrasinator's Challenge almost 2 years ago. You have a way of completing tons of projects. AND you are not a procrastinator! LOL! Do I dare remind you how many days you have until Chrismas???? ~Ann