Post Office Woes

Before I start this rant, I would like to mention that this is what most of yesterday looked like here.
Take into account that cold weather and snow are not my favorite things in life.
And realize that some of this rant comes from
(and by the way, yes it is way past time that I took the awning off my porch)
With that said, here is the way my morning went yesterday.

I had all the giveaways wrapped up in their nice little bags and tissue.
Not as fancy as some of you wrap things, mind you, but the best that I was going to do with them.
I went to the post office to get those nice priority boxes that they so generously provide.
I had just told my Mom to go to her post office and get some.
She said that they are always out of them at her bigger, city post office.
I bragged that my tiny, little post office always had them.
First mistake.
They had none, they were really busy.
They tried, but I don't think it was a happy day at the post office.
No problem.
We have those nice boxes at the shop that all of our 2011 bright , shiny catalogs came in.
I'll just use those.

Off to work, where I walk in carrying all my nice giveaway bags.
Where I come face to face with the Box Nazi, otherwise known as JWS, my DH,
who informs me they are all in the dumpster,
If I get the broom and dig around in there I can probably get them out.
(Refer back to the picture at the top)
Broom in hand, I went to the dumpster.
Yes, I did.
But, before any of you winners get really grossed out, they were buried under other garbage which the Box Nazi didn't see fit to mention, so
I proceeded to dump, cut, turn inside out, and remake boxes that somehow managed to escape JWS's clean-up path.
Phone calls, golf balls, a couple of rounds of penquin bowling with Logan, some customers,
a few orders placed and a lot of packing tape later, the boxes were ready to ship.
11:50 AM.
The postal employees close the post office down at noon and go to lunch until one o'clock.
Does that happen everywhere?
I knew if I went there at this time with four boxes to ship, that would not make their day any better, so I waited until 1:15.
This is where it went bad.
(Again, refer to the photo at the top)
I load the boxes in my car and shut the back door, passenger side.
I start to pull out of the driveway and there is a cold breeze on the back of my neck.
My back door is not closed.
I get out and close it...and slam it again, and again...bounces back open.
I back up and someone manages to fix it.
Not the Box Nazi, but one of his buddies that has found some humor in my morning, but still has sympathy.
I pull out, I drive to the post office. I get a great parking space right by the door, the day is looking up when I realize..
I leave my good parking space and drive back to the shop, where of course the MEN that have found my morning so humorous are all trying to hold back the laughter until I leave again.
Check in pocket, I drive back to the post office and this time do not get the nice parking space.
I try and try to get all four boxes in one load and in my struggling some MAN
walks up and says, "Do you think you can get that all in one load?"
To which I reply "No" (thinking that this nice man is going to help me)
He walks by and goes into the post office and gets ahead of me in line while I go back to my car and get the second load of boxes.
(Refer to the photo at the top)
This would have been so much easier at 70 degrees with a light breeze blowing.
Finally everything is mailed.
Postal employees are smiling.
(They have a rough job at this time of year)
I go to cross the street to go to the bank.
Cars parked everywhere, I step into the street to look both ways.
This pick-up truck with one of our nastiest, self absorbed customers driving, comes flying down the street and sprays me with slush.

One finished Christmas present.
We are not showing the whole project.

And another one.

Thanks for staying with me.
Thanks for listening to me rant and whine.
Today will be better.


Bless your heart!! What a day!! I must admit that I did at least give a little giggle at times through the story, but not at you, at the situation.8-) Seriously I think you handled it all rather well, the fact you could write about it with a little humor inflected proves that.
Our post office does not close at noon, but some places in town still do. At one time the bank closed at noon but that changed about 15 years ago. Our population is about 1200 people.
I hope your day is much better today!!
Catherine said…
Wow! What a day!! Hopefully you can laugh about it now. I'll admit, the situations made me chuckle - because I find myself doing stuff like that all the time!
cottageprims said…
Too funny.LoL Sounds exactly how my days go on a regular basis.Gotta find humor in it or we would be those miserable grinches we hate to run into.Smile and keep going..Warm Blessings!~Amy
Ann said…
Cathy, I've got to share with you a little about "BOB". He used to be the desk employee at our post office. Bob thinks very highly of himself, I think it might have something to do with the comb over he sports! Everytime I walked up to mail something he'd be the one at the desk, Oh Lucky Day! I finally bought a postal scale to use at home and print my labels on the computer so I wouldn't have to see him anymore. I really thought your story was going to end with a BOB story! I'm glad you didn't have a BOB! ~Ann
Debbie said…
Our little post office here closes for lunch too and then they close for the day at 2:45! I guess we are just lucky they have a post office.

Sorry your day was a rough one. I am hoping today is much better for you!


Sheila said…
I sure hope your day is much better today Cathy! I admit I did laugh reading though! Like Lorna said, "not at you, the situation" think we can all relate to having a day like that. And yes, our little PO does close from 12:30-1:30 and Saturday is only open from 8:30-10:30!!!! I could driver further to town to the bigger one, but OH it's worse!
Ann-I LOL with the Bob "comb over story!" (know a few of them myself)
Oh had such a day! Here's hoping today will be much better!
Hope today is much better! But, I'm sorry, I found a lot of humor in your blog! I've had days like that, were I either cry or laugh! Hopefully, you laughed!!! But, I understand, I really do!!!
Kathy said…
Too funny.. not you the day like everyone else said.. wish I could say my days were going hope you have a lovely one today to make up for it..xo
Wow What a day! Once I started reading could not stop!
You poor thing & with the cold>>blowing snow! Burrr!
But sorry>>I had to giggle>>about the man just asking you about 1 trip & then walking by not helping, yep, LOL, a man( Not a gentleman!)
I so hope you recovered!Sounds like by 1/2 way thru the day! You needed some TLC( hot bubble bath, Bon-Bons, peace & quiet)
Honestly, I am so glad to hear I am not the only one that has silly>>irritating days!LOL
Take care Sweetie!
Hugs to you!
Lois said…
Cathy, You have such an interesting life and you make sport of it!!!! lol If all this didn't happen, what would you write about???? lol
Lois L.
P.S. The Dilltown P.O. closes for an hour lunch.
Oh my gosh Cathy...what a day and what an a*# that guy was for not helping you with the packages!! When it arrives, I will love it even more as I know the journey it took to get here and all your troubles!
you do make me laugh though!!
Hugs, patti
Cathy, thank you for all your trouble trying to send out our giveaway packages. When I do get my package I will let you know.

I would have been crying the more I was reading I couldn't believe it.

Stay warm and safe.
Merry Christmas
Prim Blessings,
Eileen Bergen said…
It's just a crazy time of year - especially when your business requires meeting holiday orders. I'm glad you're able to keep your sense of humor, Cathy ;-)