Saturday, December 18, 2010

The REST of the Week.

Otherwise known as
Things I Was SO Not Ready to Talk About
All Aboard the Crazy Train...Again.
See this picture?
Any of you remember this post?
Like this rug?
In the continuing saga...
It is no more.
This would be our new decorator rug.
Maybe we'll start a new trend.
Dollar Store Decorating

DH, which might or might not be meaning
Dear Hubby right now.
Burnt the rug.
Oh he says a log jumped right out of that fireplace and he single-handedly
saved the house and me from a fiery demise.
He has a reputation.
Not a good one.
I was so mad.
So mad I could not talk.
Could not yell.
Could not stomp and snort.
That is REALLY mad.
I'm over it now...almost.
In the remaining issues of the week.
The eye doctor's office ordered the wrong contacts for me.
On itchy, dry-eyed day at work and I checked the boxes.
Two more weeks while I wait for the right ones to come in.
There is more to the story.
I am over it also....almost.
The saga of the poinsettias.
The church poinsettias were to be delivered today. I was not going to be around so I had a person (a wonderful, helpful person) who had so willingly agreed to meet the delivery person and arrange the poinsettias in the church for me today.
We had a funeral at the church.
And on Friday I tried to arrange to have the poinsettias there earlier.
To which the greenhouse could not oblige.
So I left work, ran to the greenhouse, filled my poor little vehicle with 40 or so poinsettias, drove to the church, unloaded the poinsettias, unwrapped the poinsettias and arranged the poinsettias.
Dropped in the chair at 8:30
There was more to the story
I am over it also.....almost.
So this morning finds us here.
After getting up at 3:30.
Starting the day by pumping out that miracle face cream that is supposed to keep me from looking so haggard, missing my fingers and sending it right into my coffee.
Another one of those days?
We drove two hours to the Kraft-Maid Warehouse in Warren, Ohio.
This is 6:45 in the morning, this morning.
The temperature is 12 degrees.
We have just received our wristbands with the numbers on them and are waiting to find out
how soon we will be allowed in to shop.
6:45 AM.
12 Degrees.
Thank goodness we got in the first group of 150 allowed in.
And we got a kitchen.
And counter top at this place in Youngstown.

What a fun place this was!
Star Supply on Mahoning Avenue in Youngstown, Ohio.
Such random stuff and such a fun place to dig around.
I'll be back.

The Buy of the Day.
A pallet load of cupboard doors.
See that green tag?
It reads $35.
For all of these.
I was so excited!
After the stress of this week, I deserved something fun!
A Good Buy!
A Bargain!

The next great thing of the day.
Lunch at The Elmton.
My favorite pizza in the world!!!
It is too far for delivery (100 or so miles) and maybe that is a good thing.
My jeans would never fit.
Perfect cheese, perfect crust, perfect sauce.
If you ever get a chance to have it, let me know. I'll just salivate at the telling.

And then....
We came home.
John, Jenn and I unloaded the entire trailer.
And entire kitchen and counters.
And then Jenn slipped away....once HER kitchen was in HER house.
And John and I unloaded the truck.
Two hundred and one cabinet doors later,
yes, I counted them.
We washed the trailer and returned it.
Hit the chair at 8:00 and prompty fell asleep.
What a day.
Of course, it is now 11 and the menopausal sleep habits have set in and I am awake.
Wide awake.

The good thing?
About 50 trips up and down the basement steps with cupboard doors might have worked off the pizza calories.

Anyone need any cupboard doors?
Can anyone say "hoarder"?

You know how you just sometimes have to get a


Laurie said...

Ok Cathy, I'm exhausted just reading about your day! Sorry about your rug, I'd be really upset myself.
I need to try Youngstown, about 5 hours from us but looks worth the trip!

Raspberry Lane Primitives said...

okay...I'm trying to understand why you bought over 200 cupboard doors, Cathy? I'm sure you're not hoarding them?? I thought you were going to say you were going to a wholesale craft sale!! Now that would be exciting!! Wow, at least your husband admitted to the burned rug, mine would never!!...he'd blame it on the dog or Josh! I'm so tired just from reading your post. Hope that your weekend is restful.
take care!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

wow what a day you had!!! but a great bargain..and those temps make me shiver..;) have a relaxing rest to your weekend.;)

Hillcresthome Prims said...

Cathy and everyone that reads Cathy's awesome blog, I LOVE my giveaway that I won and you sent me even the snowman card!!!!

YOU ARE SOOOOOOO TALENTED and a SWEETHEART!!!!! Everything you went through to get our giveaway's mailed to us gals means even MORE!!!!!!!!
I am posting on my blog sometime today and showing everyone what I won.
Cathy you are a HOOT and your blog is under my favorites, I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!!! LOVE YOU... and YOU ROCK!!!!
Merry Christmas my friend,
and Happy New year!!!
Tricia XOXOX

michelle said...

wow what a day,again lol.I only live 15 minutes from warren.I never knew they get that busy,we drive past it all the time to go to the mall there on 422.small world.Have a merry christmas and Im sure the poinsettas looked amazing.blessings michelle

just me said...

You better hint to your husband that SANTA better be really good to you this year!:) Can't wait to see what you do with all those doors!

Crafts By Jodi said...

I know this is an old post but yes I need a pallet of cabinet doors!!!! Ha ha ha. I looked up your blog to see where you had gone to get them. Thanks! I need to talk my husband into a trip!