Steps to a snowman face, Part 1.

Sketch in the face. Use chalk (I like welder's chalk) and don't be afraid. After all, it is a snowman and they are all different so you can't get it wrong.
Paint the face white or light gray or light blue. Just get a base on it and let that dry.

Then, and you have to work sort of fast to do this part, lay in three values of color.
This one is a medium country blue, a lighter blue and white.
I also frequently use Milk Chocolate, Cocoa and an Off-White.
Experiment, you might find a better combination.

Then Blend, Blend, Blend.
I use the largest brush that I can fit in the area.
Keep a paper towel folded in your hand and keep wiping your brush.
Do not dip it back into the water at this point.
Blend between the dark and medium, wipe your brush,
blend between the medium and light.

Nice soft blend between the values.

And then, wipe your brush again and pick up white and drybrush more white in the lightest area. I like to drybrush a little white in the dark areas also.
I think it makes the snowman look a little more frosty.

And now you are ready for the nose and eyes.
Stay tuned.


This is awesome! I always wanted to learn how to paint, you make it look easy. I have to find something to practice on. Thanks for sharing!
Prim Blessings! Robin
Debbie said…
Thank you for doing this tutorial! I love it! I have been itching to paint something here. The walls are starting to look pretty good! lol

Debbie K
Good Morning, Cathy,
Wow, you make this look so easy. I can't draw (or paint) a stick person...your stuff if amazing, and thanks for sharing the tips. It makes me feel like I could actually try!

Have a terrific Tuesday ~Natalie
NancyD said…
What a great tutorial! Thanks for taking the time to share it, you make it look easier than I think it is!!
SANDI said…
Thanks for the wonderful tutorial!
I am excited to try this.