A Tense Moment.

So this was the year.
The year to finally buy the artificial tree.
I found the perfect one for us.
It was at Sears. I called and had them set the last one back. I double checked and triple checked and told JWS to check when he picked it up.
It was the tree with CLEAR lights.
Not multi-colored.
He went to town, a 75 mile round trip in the snow.
He came home, set it up, plugged it in and....
For one brief moment that I am not proud of, I lost sight of all priorities.
I was upset....over lights!
How stupid.
When life gives you lemons...or multicolored lights...
Make lemonade.
I dug out every white ornament I had and lots of white ribbon.
Even ran into the drug store this morning for an inexpensive white tree skirt.I like it...it's a change and I can always leave it unplugged and put white lights on it another year, but maybe I'll keep it like this.
It really doesn't matter!
JWS has been in a Suzy Homemaker mode.
He baked a cake..from scratch.He made chili.

And even cleaned up.

has been using my camera.
Oh they think they are hiding it.

But the evidence is right here.

Quick pictures snapped when I am not looking.

And I have been knitting.

Hat and mittens for my Mom for her early morning walks.

Hats for donations to the shelter.

Mittens for the kids.

A scarf that I am trying to finish to go with the hat and mittens for my Mom.

Another scarf for a gift.

And a bunch more knitted and painted items that are gifts that I can't show right now.
What a post they will make right after Christmas.


pammyjo said…
I love when my sweet is in the homemaking mood. Lucky you. The tree is beautiful. I swear you are a knitting machine. LOL :) I just put hats and mittens in our donation box at work. They were from KMart. Giggle!
Great looking tree!
Sometimes mistakes can be a blessing - hope you keep it and wow you are really cranking out the warm and woolies.
Jody said…
Your tree looks great! Love all your knitted things too!
I'm proud of you with the lights because I KNOW I would have lost site of the priorities!The tree really does look pretty! Love all the warm woolies!
Your tree is beautiful! I lvoe it!

Carmen and the Primcats
Carol said…
From what I can see, it looks like your new tree goes well with your decor. It is pretty and different:)
Oh I love seeing the DH in the kitchen. Kudos for your man:) and you have the photos to blackmail him with... LOL.
Handknit gifts are the best at Christmas. That's a wonderful talent to have. I crochet a little, but not enough *wink wink*.
Merry Christmas to ya'll!
Great photos...and such sweet mittens! Enjoy the holiday season! ♥