Birdhouses & Wedding Gift

A friend brought these birdhouses to me before Christmas for an After Christmas gift.
The Best Part?
The words, "Paint whatever you want on them!"
How I love to hear those words.
And a wedding gift for a wedding that Jenn and Chris were attending.
Finished at literally the 11th hour...11:00 on Friday night.

A handmade walnut bracelet, made for me by my friend, Carol.
I love it!

Coming soon:
The tutorial for this message board.


Connie said…
Love the birdhouses! Can't wait for the tutorial....your work is beautiful!
Jody said…
Oh I am loving that message board! Can't wait to see the tutorial on that..just awesome!
pammyjo said…
The bird houses are so pretty! The sunshine and seeing them, through me in to a brief glimpse of spring. Then back to the snow on the ground reality. LOL Beautiful work as always.
Kathy said…
Morning Cathy.. the birdhouses are beautiful.. love when I hear that too.. and the wedding gift is gorgeous.. love it..
Hope you have a lovely.. quiet sunday..
LibbiesHome said…
I love the birdhouses - both styles. And I really appreciate knowing that other people are 11th hours finishers. My husband fondly calls me "Last-minute-Lissa." :)
Can't wait for the tutorial. When I read your directions I feel like I might actually be able to paint something, but I haven't tried it yet. (Chicken... bawk bawk.)
Debbie said…
I love the birdhouses. You do such great work. I wish I could paint like that.

Catherine said…
Great goodies! I have to say I love the bracelet - it really reminds me of something my grandfather would have made for me!
Lois said…
Hi Cathy!
Happy Belated New Year.
As always I love what you paint.
The birdhouses are so pretty.
I like the wedding gift too...very nice!
I'll keep watch for the tutorial on the memo board.
Thanks for sharing.
PS Hope you hav a great Christmas@
Balisha said…
I'm with you..."Paint whatever you want" are the best words a painter can hear. Your painting is always so beautiful...Balisha