Can anyone help me?

So, for the new year, I thought I would try once again the template designer of Blogger.
I want those easy to read fonts, the ability to change things around a little,
one cup of coffee in and mustering all the patience I have,
I tried!
I just can't figure out this background thing.
Now I seem to have two of them running on top of each other.
Email me!
I would be ever so grateful.
Painting day yesterday.
So relaxing,
Lifetime movies and paint in my hair,
on my shirt,
on my hands.
What a stress reliever!

And of course,
a couple more of the fastest hats in the world.

And a little bribery/incentive...
To the person that can figure out my blog issues...
There will be a prize!
Do I really sound desperate?


Meggie said…
Wow, a prize! I'm motivated but without any skill in this area...sorry! That's why my blog looks the same as it did when I first started. Happy New Year, Cathy! Hope you get the problem resolved.
Great prize and I'm motivated but I don't have the expertise either. I have the same problem and haven't been able to figure it out, that's the reason I'm going to switch to Word Press; my son (Nick the Geek) designs websites including blogs and he said it was easier to use. Good Luck!

ChRiS said…
Donna at Funky Junk Interiors has done some articles on blogging is 1 that comes to mind i know i have read alot advise from several blogs i follow but i can't think who all they were.....i know most will help you out with no problems they all seem very kind and helpful, i myself i only follow so no help here except maybe some!!
michelle said…
You sound like me lovin them lifetime movies.I even got my oldest watching them know that linda at parkersparadise posted a ton of blog tips and as far as the template goes I just go to thecutestblogontheblock and get one.not ever really tryed to change the font size.Im gonna go change my stuff in a sec before the hubbys tells me we gotta go to sams club ,if I see anything I will be back and let you know.blessings michelle LOVE the snowmen
michelle said…
Im back ,Ok so if you go to thecutesetblogontheblock(you can go on my blog and click on the corner where it says that and it will take you there)Im not sure how to add a link .It has on the first page at the top different sections,click on the one that says secrets and it tells you how to change your font settings and even has a bunch of codes to use.I hope this helps.have fun
Hi, not sure what you mean by two backgrounds running on each other. When I pull up you blog I see your using a 3 colunm template and the two ouside colunms are one color and the center another color. When changing backgrounds you can use the the page elements on design and add a gadget choose HTML/Java Script and add that way. If you done not clear the old one and add a new one you will have two running at the same time.

If you want to change the fonts or colors of your blog you need to choose the tab template designer and click on advanced and that gives you all the colorings, fonts. if you are using a special made template and are using there colors you want the page background color to be transparent.
Hope this might help.
Michelle said…
I have taught myself how to change my backgrounds and fonts etc. It's to hard to explain in writing so I will email you my phone number and I can walk you through it. Have a great day!
Cathy: email me your phone # and I'll walk you through it...patti
Good Morning,
Oh, how I wish I could help you...I am chicken to try anything new, so I usually leave mine alone. As you can see, I found a background that I can use for all seasons at shabbyblogs...and they also give very good instructions.

Good luck with your 2011 make-over!
Happy New Year ~Natalie
Balisha said…
I had the same problem just a week ago.I finally went back to the classic layout. I had a dickens of a time getting that back. If you want to go back...just click on Edit HTML and go to the bottom of the page and click the one you want. You can still use some of the new template designer for font colors and size. Hope this helps.I had mine so screwed up, so I will never try it least until they make it more understandable.
SANDI said…
I wish I could help! But, on another note....isn't that lifetime channel wonderful??? Love their movies. Alot of new ones coming out. Oh, how I love the snowmen you've painted. You are so talented. Good Luck with everything!
Lookin' good Cath!! Glad it all worked out for ya!
Lois said…
Hi Cathy,
I see you got it figured out, as I don't see two fonts!!!! haha
I'm not the most computer savy person either and I've been trying to get a blog going here, but there is soooo much I don't understand. I think I'm going to have my daughter help me!!!!
Your snowman is sooooo cute!!!! Wish I would have won one of your giveaways. I knew just the one I wanted too!!!!! hahaha
Lois L.
Danice said…
Hi,check your email. I just sent you some info that may help with the new template designer. All my blogs use it, and I was somehow able to fugure it out. Hope it helps you :)
Jenny said…
It looks perfect.

I can't get on here from my computer...I have to visit it from my husbands computer...

...but even if I had...I wouldn't have known how to help you!

I'm glad you figured it out!

It looks great!