Etsy, Ebay or Selling Blog?

Does anyone have any opinions on what to do? I used to sell on Ebay and had a not bad run with it...but the run ended and fees went up and it didn't seem to be worth the hassle.
I had a short, very short little run with Etsy and didn't seem to have anyone even look.
Never tried the selling blog.
The items are piling up in the attic,
they are done,
they are ready for good homes.
Now I am thinking again.
If you have one or the other and you post your link in the comment,
I will feature them in a post.


BurttBunch said…
You should just post things on here and sell them! LOL Look at your good turn out for your giveaway! First one gets it!
Or just have another craft open house...I am sure it will disappear =)
Danice said…
I didn't have much luck on ebay or with an Etsy store, either. Not to criticize them, but I have had actually better results and more people seeing my items just through a selling blog :)
Sheila said…
Oh, I think you should go with the selling blog idea! I'd be the first customer!!!! If you haven't checked out "Poplular Sellings Blogs" you should. Karen has done a wonderful job keeping it going and it's free.
Though I haven't kept mine up to date I do like the fact of the selling blog. I've made a few sales and I'm happy with it-could always do better but you get what you put into it, right?!
From what I've seen of your talent you will have no trouble at all.
Hi Cathy:I vote for a selling blog or adding paypal buttons right on this blog!! Go through paypal for them...I believe they're free with a merchant account. I'm going to be looking into that more as well. I did set up an etsy shop for my pattern recently so we'll see what happens there. They charge 20 cents to list an item for 3 months.
Best of luck, I know that you will do very well.
ps. your package went out yesterday.
Donna said…
The idea of a selling blog is can sell directly on your regular blog and post a link to a second site to sell your items...I've tried Ebay and Etsy...and have had the same outcome...I paint prim signs and feature them on my blog and have my orders come strictly from the blog...Etsy didn't bring me one sale...lots of looks, tho...Ebay's fees keep going up...good luck on your decision..
I have had a bit of luck on Ebay and Etsy, but no luck selling on my selling blog....lots of conflicting advice, but by all means, you should at least have a blog, and maybe supplement it with one of the other choices. You should also post a link to your ebay or Etsy shops on the selling blog.
Wishing you luck.
Hi, I tried a selling blog, did't work at all, I tried EBAY, sold some and then I tried ETSY, I have done extremely well with it, prices are better with ETSY than EBAY and not as much hassle. Good luck.
I would add them to a blog and put the paypal buttons on them..I too did the ebay thing..and then quit and now doing the etsy thing...and it has been slow since summer..I say do the blog thing and give it a shot..what have you got to lose..;)
Michelle said…
I think you should just sell them on your blog or even craigslist. I sold on eBay for a year and it was getting to expensive and a hassle. I'm sure you could sell your items in a consignment shop as well.
Jenny said…
You could try the blog first and then if it didn't work move on. No cost on the blog.
SANDI said…
Go for the selling blog and get your items listed. I will be one of your customers.LOL. Love your work and would be honored to have something you painted in my home...
Lois said…
Hi Cathy!
With your talent I am sure that selling by either Blog or Etsy would be a success. The only trouble with Etsy would be that there is a lot of competition out in that particular part of cyber land.
Personally,I think you would have more success on a Blog site. Good Luck with whichever way you decide to go!
I'd say try some PayPal buttons here on your crafting blog or a selling blog but don't give up on Etsy; the key there is to list daily or at the very minimum weekly to keep your items up in the search engines. Your artwork is stunning, I wish you much luck whichever route you choose to go! Deb