How Not to Make Cream of Wheat

In my annual quest to diet, or as JWS would say, "Change your eating habits." I call it diet because let's face it, he would be able to live the rest of his life without cake, cookies, pie, doughnuts or candy and be just fine with that. I, on the other hand will get the shakes, go through withdrawal and need a chocolate fix by, oh let's say, January 4Th, because yesterday I broke down and had one little piece of dark chocolate.
But back to the cream of wheat.
In order to change things up a little from the morning diet of
Eggs with Broccoli
Eggs with Chicken
Eggs with Peppers
Eggs with Onions
Seeing a trend here?
I decided yesterday that Cream of Wheat sounded good.
Really, three cream filled Krispy Kremes sounded good, but thank goodness the closest available Krispy Kreme is twenty miles away!
So I pull out the cute little bag of Farina from the Amish Bent and Dent store.
How cheap can you actually eat?
The price was eighty cents.
I look at the directions and see that it is to be made on the stove.
Really? No Microwave?
(Refer back to the place of purchase...AMISH Bent and Dent.)
Well, I thought, I'll just ADAPT this recipe to the microwave.
Forward Five Minutes.
The turntable from the microwave is in the sink soaking.
The kitchen floor has been paper toweled.
The counter has been wiped up.
A pan is out and the Cream of Wheat is now bubbling happily on the stove.
Oh, you would think that is the end of the story...
Forward nine or so hours.
JWS shows up at work after a day on the road.
He has stopped at the house before he came back to work.
Were you cooking something on the stove this morning before you went to work?
Yes, but I didn't boil it over or anything.
This morning, back to eating the eggs he prepares!
And this.
My friend, Kim, who always has such great treasures to give me...brought this to me last fall.
I had made the comment that I always paint these and sell them and never have kept one for myself.
She brought this one for me.
It is going by my chair in the living room to hold my wool projects...and to think of Kim every time I open it!

Thanks Kim!
I love it!


Your story put a big smile on my face... that is something I would do especially leaving the burner on....LOL
I love the little painted case. I would love to learn to paint like that. So nice of your friend to get it for you.
Happy New Year
Jenny said…
What a beautiful train case!

I love cream of wheat but probably not your version of it - ha!

I think you can make it in the crockpot. Do you like oatmeal? that is definitely good in the crockpot.
Well Cathy who would have thought that ya can't put cream of wheat in the microwave?? I would have tried the same thing....looove the makeup caddy turned wool holder!! I'm confused though...did she paint it or did you? I love the green~n~black color and the twigs~n~berries! sweet.
Jody said…
Love the train case...I have one of those in my stash and I never know what to paint on it, but your idea to hold your wool has inspired me to brush off the dust. Hope breakfast was a little easier on you today...:)
Oh, too funny, because I am thinkin of the many times I have done things like that!
My sister used to say, what kind of contraption are ya cookin!
The case is a wonderful gift!

best of luck with the diet, you can do it!
Sheila said…
I'm laughing this morning over the cream of wheat! I don't care for it but my hub loves it. On occasion he makes his own oatmeal in the microwave and the one and only time making cream of wheat! He had the same experience as you, I had been in the shower or I would have told him not to do it!!! I heard all kinds of "adjectives" I won't share with you as he was cleaning up a huge mess!
LOVE the train case!
Hope you have a wonderful day.
Barb said…
I love your way of cooking--much like mine!
LOVE the make up case. I painted quite of few of those back when I lived in Las Vegas. Now they are hard to come by, at least here. It is just beautiful!
Enjoy your day,
Catherine said…
Love the case!

As for the cream of wheat - buy it in the red box at the grocery - not the instant type, but the one that reads "2 1/2 minute" cook time. On the back, there are microwave directions. You still have to keep an eye on it, as it can easily cook over near the end, but microwaving does work!!
Eileen Bergen said…
Funny story, Cathy, - especially since it didn't result in a major disaster!

Your train case is gorgeous. Enjoy using it for yourself.
I have been eating cream of wheat lately..and I love it...your story is funny though..and I soooo love that little cosmetic case all painted up to store your wool in..I used to have one..have a good one.:) and a crispy creme would sound good right about now;)
Good morning Cathy...I for one LOVE Cream of Wheat or even Grits...yummmmm
I can just see the mess it made when it boiled all over the place in the microwave...and it's so darned hard to clean up with all those little clingy beads of wheat! Not laughing though...just

What a sweet friend Kim is to give you one of those beautifully pained's gorgeous and a great use for it too.

NancyD said…
What a nice way to start the day with a chuckle! LOL I can just imagine the mess...boy I haven't had cream of wheat in forever! Used to love it..hmmm... Ü I'll stay away from the microwave though! Love the train case! Going to go and make some breakfast now...maybe toast! :)
Meggie said…
Thank heaven there was no damage to your home. Now we can laugh about it all.
A certain young lady from Wheeling,
Said, "Here is a taste most appealing!
I just love 'Cream of Wheat'
And you simply can't beat
That wonderful 'Cream of Wheat' feeling!"