More doors and 15 backgrounds.

And about 197 to go.

And this dish.

Thanks to everyone for all the help figuring out my blog. I still don't have it exactly the way that I want it, but I learned a lot from all the suggestions and tips. I'll be working more on it.
Such computer savvy bloggers out there!
Now that I have tried 15 different backgrounds and every text size and color available,
I am going to stay where I am at with it for a day or two.


oh I like this one too. so many backgrounds to choose from why stop at one or two or twenty, I say!!
Cathy: Now what will you do with all those painted doors? Will they all be snowmen or name boards? cool idea...
LibbiesHome said…
Your blog looks great! And I love those doors - that Winter Welcome is gorgeous!
Connie said…
Your work is beautiful! Love what you've done with those doors :)
michelle said…
I love it!did you have fun?I still havent got a chance to change mine yet,maybe tommorow.blessings michelle