Stash Busting and Meet Some New Friends.

With this sudden burst of uncontrollable painting, I have not forgotten the stash busting knitting that I was doing. These scarves are made with really big needles and three or four strands of yarn. They are using up all those odds and ends of yard really fast. They may not make it to the donation point this year, but hopefully I'll be well stocked to send them on for next year.
I have to share these two paintings.
These two women really made my day when I saw that they had painted the snowman boards from the tutorial I posted.
Debbie's kind words had perfect timing.
Check her blog out, she is painting up a storm.
And Beverley painted this one.
You can visit her at
Just a little FYI, the painting instructions are just that, painting instructions.
There is no line drawing.
Feel free to trace from the picture of the painting or like Debbie, freehand it.
It is fun getting to know these ladies and making new friends in Blogland.
If you paint the snowman, please send a pic to me, I love seeing them!