An afternoon with the boys.

They were at work with us,
they were a little "antsy"
I mentioned that if they cleaned up...
I would take them home for the afternoon....
It started like this.
Two little angels loving my phone and the bowling app.
Don't they look innocent and well-behaved?

 And then...
This happened.
See the little one still calmly sitting there playing with my phone?
 See the mess increasing and the little one still is entertained quietly...
 Even as the fun amps up...he is still calm.
 Still being the perfect child.
 Like that was going to last.
 And then it escalated.
Plastic candy cane sword fighting.
 And the words of the day when they went to my sewing room to get the candy canes.
Tyler takes a look at my sewing room, which I am trying to clean and reorganize and says,
'What is this mess?" and then
"You better get this cleaned up before Mommy sees this"
I ask why.
To which he replies,
"My mom hates messes, she REALLY hates glue messes and paint messes and soap messes."
I know there are stories in there somewhere.

Hats for babies. 
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And a few more cowls. 
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pammyjo said…
I love this post! lol
michelle said…
Oh my goodness ,they are just too cute!I just love how you capture all the fun!have a great day.blessings michelle
okay are a saintly let them get into your yarn....? Hope they were just scraps...But they look like they're having a great time!! Yipppeee....
SANDI said…
Too Cute!!
Laurie said…
Aren't they the cutest though!? I love how you tell stories, with pictures and words you make me laugh!
so cute... looks like balls of yarn were alot of fun.
LibbiesHome said…
Precious moments, precious memories!
Thanks for sharing the smile. :)
Shawnee said…
I think it's really something how you're giving cowls away and your own daughter hasn't got one yet!
Tolentreasures said…
Shawnee, you know where they are...come and get one!
Oh my gosh, Cathy, I'm laughing so hard I'm crying! From the mouths of babes! Thanks for that post, too funny! Deb
You're right — you are calm and don't mind messes. If I would have walked in on that crazy scene of yarn I would have had a conniption! Having said that, it did make for some hysterical photos and they sure did look like they were having the time of their lives. Plus, you probably got some big points for staying so calm!