A Day with Kendall

Once a week, I try to keep Kendall for the day.
It doesn't work every week, but I try.
They are not all like this.
She is very active.
She is her mother's daughter.
 Sacked out on the couch, she does manage to nap. 
She comes to work with me or I would nap with her.
Some days I need it!

 And Papa thought she needed this really big lollipop when she woke up.
Where did he find that?
What else does he have hidden in his desk drawers?

See that painting in the background?
Tyler + Basketball = Clamps and Glue

It quickly went bad.

Shelby had teacher conferences last night so I took Kendall home and got her ready for bed.
She was sound asleep by the time Shelby got home.
If I could figure out how to load videos, you would see the action.

Finally, ready for bed, I resorted to my phone.

She loved the piano app!
Craziest moment of the day:

Arriving at Shelby's house, carrying a fluffy coat bundled Kendall, a diaper bag, a purse, a pink teddy bear dressed as a basketball player and a musical seahorse, pressing the code on the security box as the garage door goes up and an impatient basset hound with a full bladder "blasts" past me (well to be honest, old basset hounds don't "blast" anywhere) I realize that I don't know how to CLOSE the garage door.  I rummage through the purse, get the  phone out, still standing in the garage and holding all the aforementioned items to call my son-in-law.  The phone manages to dial my mother-in-law and I hang up before she answers, causing her to call me back while I am still dialing my son-in-law.  Left a message for SIL, the basset hound has now returned, I get the house door open, think of how I can close the door, get the door closed while explaining to my mother in law that I didn't need her, my SIL beeps in and I tell him that everything is fine while Kendall is headed up the steps behind the basset hound giggling at the tail of the dog hitting her in the forehead.

I am too old for this!


acorn hollow said…
She is pretty cute and being to old that is why we are the grammies and only do it now and then.
Connie said…
Oh boy, I hear you! I'm raising my Grand daughter who is 1 1/2. I've had her since she was 4 months old and she's just getting into everything now.

Some days are better than others but those days where you have to chase them around and keep putting things back are so much harder as a Grandma! It was hard enough the first time around...LOL

Now that I've pretty much adjusted to the life change that comes with raising another child when yours are all grown, I wouldn't change it for anything! Hard days but oh so worth it when you get those Grammy hugs and kisses!
Catherine said…
I'll be laughing about that lollipop and what else he has in his drawers!!!
What a cutie! Thanks Papa for the sugar rush, care to take over babysitting duties now LOL? Deb
Lois said…
Hi Cathy!
I spent a lot of time with my Grams
when I was growing up. She used to say "There's a reason old people don't have young people" . I never got it until I had my own grandbabies. Now I know exactly what she meant. LOL! Don't you wish you could bottle that energy up and use it on your bad days? LOL! I love being with my grandbabies but honestly there are some days when I just have to say' " I'M Getting Too Old For This." Thank goodness I don't have to say that too often. Give me another 20 years or so and we'll see what happens then....hee...hee..hee...
My Hubby always says that if he had known that having grandbabies was this much fun, he would have had them first.
I agree. Still, there are days.....
Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend Cathy!