Fighting Words and She's a Star

Yesterday morning.
We are not very busy at work and while that tends to make me really nervous,
I decided to take advantage of it and go to the gym.
Not sure if I was at the right place.
I have never seen it in daylight.
After the gym
in the continuing self indulgent mood I was in,
I stopped to get a haircut.
Not one to be fussy,
I will go anywhere to get my hair cut.
It's hair.
It grows back.
How bad can you mess it up?
That being said.
I stopped to see Bryan.
He was not busy and could cut it right then.
In my haste and excitement I even forgot to put money in the meter.
You see, I love the way Bryan fixes my hair.
I leave there wanting it to stay that way all the time
So, hair cut,
no ticket,
back to work.

I say to JWS,
"How do you like my hair?  I stopped and got Bryan to cut it."

JWS says,
"It looks OK, maybe it will be better once you "fix" it"

I glared.

He sputtered.

It was his foot in his mouth.

Not the best picture, I'll have a better one tomorrow.
This is the suitcase to hold what the well-dressed star/princess will be wearing this season.
Her party is tonight.

I have been working on dress-up clothes all week.
Can't wait to show them...
Stay tuned.


These men can get in so much trouble!! Looking forward to seeing the dress up clothes.
Have a great day!!
Kathy said…
lol love the suitcase.. and can hardly wait to see the dress up clothes..
and ooooooh JWS... soooo not
Meggie said…
I knew it had to be a male's comment even before you referred to him as a "he." They are truly from a different planet!
Michelle said…
That was a very cute story! Glad you had a fun day. Can't wait to see the desses.
Catherine said…
Can't wait to see what you made!

As for the hair - you need to share a picture so we can judge for ourselves!
Eileen Bergen said…
Ah, the ol' "foot-in-mouth" disease again ... how come they never learn. lol

I bet you look gorgeous!