Fleur de Lis

When we were in New Orleans a couple of years ago, I loved these!
Of course they were everywhere.
 For a quick, interesting read on them check out this site.

I am not sure if they will sell locally, but once they are varnished,
(and you can't see that sealer that shows up now)
they will be listed on my selling blog.

And speaking of my selling blog,
go over there to the right and sign up for the giveaway
that I am offering for a nice warm cowl. 
Not many are signed up so the chances of winning are good.
if I happen to make it to 50 sign-ups,
I will add another cowl.
I have quite a few of them made so
you will get your choice of colors if you should  be the winner


I am going to go out on a limb here...

because  not many have signed up.

If you win...

You can choose what color of cowl you would like
and I will run right out to the yarn store and
buy some yarn and make you one in the colors you specify.

How's that for personalization?

Still lots of time for warm, fuzzy cowls here.
This is the photo outside of my back door this morning.
Who saw that coming?
And now for the saga of the keypad/credit card machine.

You know I had to have at least one stupidity story of the week.
Lest you think that I have it together.
Who am I kidding? 
Anyone who really knows me, knows that I really don't have it all together.
Even my husband set my ring tone on his phone to
Ozzie's, Crazy Train.

Very Funny (sarcasm)

So, to start the story. 
In an effort to cut costs at work, I eliminated the fax line.
Seventy-five dollars just didn't seem worth it to me.
We got a lot of junk faxes and the toner was expensive also.
But I digress.
So, when I needed to fax or run a credit card, I just plugged them into the phone line temporarily.
It was a hassle.
The voice mail system would not allow faxes or credit cards to be sent...but again, not really justification for my stupidity.
I ran a credit card on a Tuesday.
The money should be there in 48 hours. 
I wrote out checks.
I mailed the checks.
No money in my account.
No money in my account.

I mean there was some money, but it was getting close and it was going to bounce.
Oh well, the money should be there Monday.
No money.

Big, bouncing ball bouncing.

I call the bank,

local, understanding,
but they can't fix it.
I call the big office.
Still local, understanding,
but they can't fix it either.
They are going to have the credit card people call me.
And they did!
I was surprised.
But not before I realized what I had done.
Red faced, I had to explain to the credit card people that it was my fault.
You see, the credit card machine balanced itself everyday and I didn't leave it plugged in to
balance in the evenings.
it never got sent.

Shane, the very understanding credit card machine tech was very nice and muffled his laughing as best he could. 
He actually helped me update my machine and
sent me a new keypad so that we can now accept debit cards.

You think this story is over?
Maybe you hope that this story is over.
It is not.

First of all, I gave the old keypad that didn't work to Kendall to play with, 
the new one was not here yet, or so I thought.

All was well with that until Kendall thought Wyatt should talk on that phone and jammed it into the side of his head and said "Hello"
Wyatt, three months is not quite ready to talk.
Didn't find any humor in that.

And you think the story is over?
It is not.

A customer showed up to pick up a box of silicone bracelets that had arrived for a fundraiser that they were having.
I had emailed them to tell them that the box was here.
When he showed up to pick up the bracelets, I say,
"Wait, I want to open these an look at them, I didn't have a chance to check them yet."
Grabbing a box opener,
I open the box.
It feels light for 300 bracelets. 
There are packing peanuts in there.
And in front of the customer thinking that he is getting 300 bright yellow silicone bracelets...

I pull out a new shiny keypad.

Red faced again.


LibbiesHome said…
As a fellow lover of humble pie (you might as well enjoy the taste of it, right?), I cringed for you at the box opening section of your story. I hope you have a smooth sailing kind of weekend! You've earned it. :)
Linda said…
Oh my! I don't think anyone can have that bad of a day. 8-)) I sure hope it gets better. Since you haven't had that much snow (tongue in cheek) maybe you should just go out and play. Praying that He will help you get it all together before you hurt yourself.
Y'all take care, Linda
Dry Creek Primitive Peddler
SANDI said…
Oh my! I hope you have a better weekend!
Laurie said…
Cathy I so enjoy your life! Maybe more than I should! I would love to be a fly on the wall in your home, as your stories must be even more hilarious in person!! Has the redness gone out of your face yet!?
Eileen Bergen said…
Oh my, Cathy, I'm afraid we have a lot in common. My condolences to you.

Did you find the silicone bracelets yet?

I absolutely love the fleur de lis items. These will really appeal to people who aren't into Early American designs.