Kicked out of my sewing room.

Happily sitting over a humming sewing machine,
finishing up some gift bags that I found started in a stash,
(thanks, Kim)
I was rudely dragged away grabbing projects as I left.
 You see, with the cold snap, the Heat Nazi, otherwise know as JWS,
has decided that until it warms up,
I am not allowed to sew.
 His words,
"You have enough other places to craft in this house, you are out of here until it warms up...we are not heating this room!'
The nerve!

I guess I will paint.
No idea what to do with the white cupboard doors in the  new stash,
and even more puzzling was the beadboard ones,
I tried this.

 And a mailbox bank for a customer.
 And...I guess I can still knit until it warms up.
Although, I have to fix a bowling glove thing for my son-in-law this morning,
Where is my winter coat?
Can I really sew with mittens on?


Sheila said…
You could make yourself some handwarmers and knit with them on! LOL
They seem to be the new fashion statement at the moment!
Hope it warms up for Cathy~
Have a great day.
Your husband sounds like mine. My craft room is cold too! Good Luck with that one. I love your roses you painted. Beautiful!
Prim Blessings! Robin
Jody said…
It is bitter cold here today too! Love that mailbox..awesome!
Kathy said…
I love the beadboard painting!!! I saw the bible verse painting you did at your Mom's it was beautiful!!!
Balisha said…
I'm still laughing at "the Heat Nazi"

Debbie said…
I had to laugh when I read your post. My sewing machine is set up in spot where we are not heating too. I am patiently waiting for spring so I can set up my craft room and sew till my hearts content.

Angela said…
Oh No, Let's all just pray Spring shows her face early this year. During the winter months I try and do all my little hand sewing like small ornaments, stitcheries,, etc. so I can spend time in front of t.v. with Mr. P. We are women, so I am sure you will find a way to continue with your crafts. Good luck, stay warm, and we all are thinking Spring.
the mailbox bank is so very pretty!
Brrr it is cold!
I am so ready for it to warm up too!! Your beadboard painting is beautiful and that mailbox bank is super cute!!

I hope you get a good warm up soon!
auntdeedee said…
LOL Too funny! I couldn't imagine being banned from my room....but since I live alone that will never be a worry!! Ironically though, my bedroom and craftroom upstairs are the 2 rooms that stay warm in the winter. My downstairs kitchen and living room are always COLD.
NancyD said…
I always enjoy your posts, they make me smile and you are such a talented lady. I wish these cold days would stop, I can't get to my workshop because it's too cold to work out there:( Stay warm. Ü
Meggie said…
The Heat Nazi....hilarious! Sounds like you have plenty of other projects to keep you busy.
Laurie said…
I guess I could shut it off if I had too, but this is my get away! I hope Phil was right and we have Spring around the corner, enough of this weather!