Let's play a game...

Help Grandma Put Away the Christmas Decorations!
OK, so I am a little late
and it isn't
Hide and Go Seek,
a fun game like that.

The boys arrived at the shop yesterday at
Jenn had a doctor's appointment.
They were hyped.
Really hyped,
Like Someone Just Had a Smartie Eating Contest Hyped.
It was a MONDAY!
Phone lines were a problem,
It was windy and we live in the sticks.
Enough Said.
John was trying to call in orders,
call customers,
wait on customers,
book a music act for the fair,
He says,
"Do you want the afternoon off?"
I say,
"Of course!'
and reach for MY coat.
He grabs my arm and hisses,

(In man talk, that is an afternoon off?)
C'mon boys we are going to go to grandma's and play a little game called,
Let's Take the Christmas Decorations to the Attic!
(I know, I missed the whole, Decorate for Valentine's Day thing)
Not everything was still up,
but there were snowmen and gingers and....
well OK, there were still Santa Claus' up.
And to be completely truthful...
The Nativity is STILL up.
So we cleaned off this stand in the kitchen,
And we took the first load to the attic.
And they found a stash of Lego's there that I had put back for a rainy day.
And that was it for little boys helping me.
They were off building heavy equipment and running all over the house.

"Hey boys, anyone want some MORE Smarties?
How about some kool-aid?"
I did get this stand cleaned off.
 And redecorated.
The cabbage dish is a family joke.
Shelby hates it, always has since I paid a quarter for it at a yard sale.
I just have to put it out every now and then.

 Finished this little bunny box yesterday morning.
It was a repaint of something that I had painted in my first painting classes way back in 1985. 
I took a picture of it before I sanded it down.
Now to find that.  
 And my mom thought this sweater was too low cut,
so she wanted a cowl for it.
Living on the edge there, Mom!

Let's see,
Sunday, I got to take Wyatt out of church and spend the morning with him in the nursery,
Monday, Tyler and Logan,
Today I have Kendall for the day
tomorrow I get to go to Shawnee's sonogram with Gracelyn.
I would say it is shaping up to be a good week.


That sounds like the kind of help I get from my grandkids.8-) Love the bunny box!!
Have a great day!!
acorn hollow said…
You had a very busy day! But things look great.
Connie said…
Sounds like my week and it's only Tuesday! LOL
You'd be so bored without those lil' boys...hehe...Love the table redo...and that cabbage...how funny....loooove the bunny box too!! gorgeous!
I love reading your blog...just the way you describe things makes it like we are (were) there...
I'm always happy to come here and read what happens in just a fews hours of your day! FUNNNNNN

Your re-do of the table is wonderful and what's wrong with that Cabbage Bowl....lol

I was in Ceramics for a few years back in the '70's and made all kind of vegie bowls...even a huge potato to put mashed taters in!!! And a huge Celery Bunch oh, you name it I make it...so I like the cabbage for Cole Slaw. Is it just me????

Sheila said…
Oh Cathy, I needed that laugh today! We just had our grandsons for three days it is always fun-it's Tuesday and I'm still draggin' but so worth it. Your spring display is very nice, even with the cabbage bowl! I kind of like it.
Still chuckling over the boys helping till they found the Legos. Think of how rich we would be if one of us created them?! They are a timeless toy for sure.
Hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday.