What the well dressed princess is wearing.

Channeling my inner fashionista this month,
now I am ready to announce the showing of the  
Spring Princess Collection.
 Gracelyn would have been our model, but she would not take off the "Belle" dress.
So you will have to view the showroom models. 
Appearing first is our Spanish matador inspired ensemble.
One day in church, a woman handed me a bag of material scraps from dresses that someone had made.  Not one to throw anything away, as most of you know, I hung on to those for a year or so and here they are transformed into our first item in our spring collection. 

Our second fashion statement is made from material left over from the window sill cloths at the church
and again,
fabric that was donated to me.
Gold lame' lined with Chantilly lace circle skirt and reversible evening cape our Princess
should feel just like Princess Grace Kelly in this 50's inspired grouping.

 Continuing in our evening wear is this lovely black and teal
sculptured velvet strapless evening gown.
Enhancing the look is the dramatic flowing train.  In an effort to stay demure, the princess may don the matching fabric capelet with marabou trim.

(It was a dress of mine, minus the marabou that Shawnee had rolled her eyes at and when I get the eye roll, I know it is time to not wear it any longer)
 And the hit of the evening, the star in this collection was the "Belle" dress.   Again, recycled from bridesmaid dress scraps, this bright yellow evening gown is sure to be a stand-out at any three year old's bowling party.
 Please note the vintage jewelry accents on the matching headpiece for this gown.
(See why I can't throw anything away?)
 Our princess loves skirts and this sequin and floral embellished one should satisfy her need for glitz.
Fashioned from a curtain valance, it's dirndl styling will be an easy pull on for those summer garden parties.  Again, a matching headband is the dot on the I, the cross on the T, for this fashion statement.
 Everyone needs a little redneck trailer trash styling in their wardrobe and this princess should not take exception to that rule.  
This satin skirt with marabou trim is just slightly short of too trashy for a three year old.
 (but hey, I wasn't wearing those pajama pants anymore anyway, again minus the marabou)
 And for the nostalgia portion of our show.  
This skirt was fashioned from vintage fabric from one of my Memaw's gowns. 
My girls never really knew her, but they played dress-up in her gowns for years. 
Again, I could not throw them away and they are all still in the attic. 
I cut one up to make this skirt for Gracelyn. 
It is lined with yards of tulle to make it poufy enough for a princess.
 So, I hope that you have enjoyed the fashion show portion of our show.
Last night was Gracelyn's birthday party at a local bowling alley. 
Immediate family and what fun.
Gracelyn had in attendance:
Four Grampas
Six grandmas
Three uncles and Trevor
Four aunts
Four cousins

This was Kendall's first attempt at bowling.
She loved it, but I can't even tell you how many times someone had to dash out and
grab her on her way to the pins.  
Good thing she had a hood on,
we yanked her back many times by the hood.

 Even Baby Wyatt got in on the fun.
Decked out in his Steeler garb,
I know that he wanted some of the cake.
Next year, Wyatt, be calm.


Patti said…
Love all of them Cathy, what a wonderful Grandma you are.
Catherine said…
What fun! My favorite is the skirt from your Memaw's gown!
What an awesome Gramma you are to sew all those beautiful outfits for your grandbabies..you are sooo talented....Looks like you had a fun time at the bowling birthday party....Gracelyn is as cute as can be as "Belle" (my most favorite disney movie)!! :)
Sheila said…
what darling pictures of your grandchildren. The little princess looks like she will have lots to dress up in! We only have boys and I'm not complaining one bit, but to have a little girl would be so fun. Oh well, I'll have to enjoy everyone elses.
Have a great weekend.
BurttBunch said…
Cathy those are beautiful!!! Great work. You need to sell those on your blog =) Glad that all had fun and she makes a marvelous Belle!
Good Morning, Cathy,
Happy Birthday to the sweet princess. It looks like a wonderful party.

I am spending time catching up with my blog friends...I'm wondering about a picture of your new 'do' and if you can come over and help me organize my sewing studio.

You have certainly been busy. Happy Weekend ~Natalie
Kathy said…
ooh Cathy.. what a fantastic array of dress up clothes..and a great idea.. you did a great job.. hmmm giving me ideas wish I could work as fast as you do...everyone looks like they were having a great time..
Any princess would be thrilled to have such beautiful things!!
Debbie said…
What a wonderful collection of dresses!!! Your going to have one of the best dressed princesses around. Makes me wish for a little girl to spoil!

What great outfits. You do such a nice job. She'll be the "Belle" of all the tea parties she goes to!!!

SANDI said…
WoW! Those are sooo beautiful. You are very talented. That little princess is a very lucky girl!
Ooh la la! If you every give up painting Cathy you should consider moving to Paris and becoming a clothing designer! What a lucky, lucky girl to have such a talented and devoted Grandma. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful photos and your hilarious commentary, you could also consider becoming a stand up comic ;O) Deb
LibbiesHome said…
Lucky, lucky princess! You definitely get the creative grandma award. Those little dresses are amazing! What fun for playing dress up. :)
Eileen Bergen said…
Wow, what fantastic outfits for your granddaughter! She's a lucky little girl. Heck, your whole family is lucky to have you!