And the winners are (a day late)

Ok, so I missed my own deadline giveaway.
Yesterday was another hectic day.
Birthday party.
It was 1:00 this morning when I fell into bed.
That is when I remembered that I was supposed to have a giveaway drawing.
here we are this morning.
I tallied the numbers.
As you can see, there were 155 actual entries,

 And the winner of the first giveaway.

Number 46. Sandi at The Primitive Skate
Sandi is a new blogger, run on over and check her out. 
And the second winner is

Thanks so much to everyone for entering.

I hope to get around to checking out all the "new" blogs soon!


dee begg said…
Congrats Sandi and Kat! Thanks for hosting a wonderful giveaway.

cottageprims said…
Congrats girls! Warm Blessings!~Amy
Thank you so much. How lucky am I.
So excited. I emailed you my address as requested.
Thanks again
Kathy said…
Congrats to the lucky winners....
Patty C. said…
Congratulations to the winners :)
Debbie said…
Congratulations to your lucky winners!

Good Morning, Cathy, are always busy. My package arrived yesterday and I love my new cowl, I have been wearing it is soft and sooo comfortable. I can't believe I almost let you send it to someone else! I will blog about my other surprises too.

Congratulations to the winners today. Cathy's work is wonderful and your packages will be perfect!

We are getting more snow. I hope you are safe and warm. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. ~Natalie
p.s. The cupcake stand is on sale. I think you need one! Your grandchildren would be so excited filled with spring colored cakes.

Stop by my blog for the link.
acorn hollow said…
congratulations to the winners. I think I missed something are you on dialysis?
Congratulations are very lucky!!!!

Prairie Patch said…
Congrats to Sandi and Kat! They're soooo lucky. :)

Thanks, Cathy, for hosting such a great giveaway.
Yay to the winners and Thank you Cathy!
Yay to the winners and Thank you Cathy!
congrats to the winners..your work is wonderful..I didn't know you were on dialysis...I am heading down that road in about 5-6 years..and watched my mom go through mom said it wasn't that bad..asked her how she felt on those days of receiving do you feel..just wanting to be prepared..have a wonderful sunday..:)
Tolentreasures said…
Please let me clear this up! I am not on dialysis, my MIL is. We have started taking turns driving her to dialysis. Yesterday was first day to drive there!
Eileen Bergen said…
Congratulations to winners Sandi and Kat!

Cathy, thank you for making this such a fun gathering place for us crafty folk ;-)
Congrats Ladies!!!!! Thanks for Hosting the Giveaway and sharing your pattern for the bunny!!!!!!
Congratulations you lucky girls!
Thanks for hosting a wonderful giveaway!
Prim Blessings! Robin
Firecracker Kid said…
Congratulations gals! This win will pick you up outta that snowbound blues:) Thanks Cathy, you're the hostess with the mostess!
Vicky said…
Congrats to the lucky winners!
Congratulations Sandi and Kat and thanks for a wonderful giveaway Cathy! Deb