Crazy Train

That is the ring tone that JWS has for me
When going through the thousands of ring tones available.
Romantic ones,
Fun ones,
What does he pick?
Crazy Train.
He thinks it best describes life with me.
He might be right.

Take this morning.
I think that I need to get back to some normalcy,
Sleeping regular hours,
Waking regular hours.
My internal clock is off.
Way off.
My throat is sore,
sure sign that I need to get regular sleep.
Last night, I set the alarm on my smart phone.
This morning, it goes off.
5:00 AM
If you only knew.  (That's the song)
Really loud.
I fumble.
It will not go off.
I finally grab the phone and head to the bathroom and shut the door in an effort to dull the sound.
Still really loud. 
The alarm is showing OFF.
Still playing.
Not the whole song mind you.
The opening of the song over and over.
I try to put it under the rug.
The volume will not turn down, because it is not even showing it on.
Still loud!
I finally turn the alarm back ON and turn the volume down and as I do, my phone rings.
This might not sound strange to you, but
It is 5:13 and it is my very pregnant, but really not pregnant enough for labor daughter and we don't even have cell phone service.
Am I dreaming? 
I answer the phone. 
Gracelyn is sick.
Shawnee is to keep Kendall today, 
Can I keep Kendall?  
The phone cuts out. 
Of course. 
I try to text her. 
Won't go through. 
throw in a load of clothes, 
make the coffee, 
wood on the fire. 
I call her back. 
She never heard me say I would watch Kendall. 
It is Monday morning and not 6:00 yet, 
Crazy Train? 
I think he nailed it!  

Creative things?
Not a lot of time for that this weekend,
I am taking a charcoal class and really enjoying doodling and sketching.
Because the charcoal is so dirty,
I bought some drawing pencils.
I can sit in my recliner and use those.
I have so many things that NEED done,

But this is so much fun!
Not really making sense,
Not really profitable.
But fun.
Also maybe enforcing that Crazy Train thing, just a little more.


Angela said…
WOW! What a Monday morning you have had already. You need coffee and lots of it. Hope things get better for you and it ends up being a Merry Monday. Try and have a good day.
acorn hollow said…
yikes now that is a morning. Looks like your drawing is amazing. are you sure you need a class.
love the look of charcoal....girl, you're def on a crazy of my fav songs by the way...
Sheila said…
Wow Cathy, sure hope this morning isn't any indication of how the rest of your week will be! I am still LOL over the ring tone choice by your hub! Guess it's better than the one my nephew has for his wife. It is loud and in a man's voice "your old lady's calling, your old lady's calling!" I'd prefer Crazy Train over that one.
Have a great day.
Wow!!! what a morning you have had...just reading it made me exhausted.
Hope the rest of your day goes better. The drawings look wonderful.
SANDI said…
What a morning you had! I hope your day goes better. Love your charcoal drawings!
holy cow the crazy train stopped bright and early to your house and chose to stay for a bit..hope things have calmed down some for you..:) love the charcoal drawings you are most talented.;)
Eileen Bergen said…
I was feeling put upon this morning when one of our dogs started barking at 5:30! You beat me, Cathy, You get the Crazy Train award today.

Nice drawing. I think you could be teaching the class!
I bet your he is thinking the crazy train makes regular stops at your house huh? The train probably makes stops at a lot of our homes.
Meggie said…
That smartphone certainly wasn't very smart. I'm not sure I would have been so patient. Hammers can do wonders for such things.