Thursday, March 10, 2011

Goo Gone as Shampoo

Do not try this at home.

Sunday night, JWS and I went to the neighbors' house to watch the boys.
For those of you that don't know,
about two weeks ago, my step-daughter and son-in-law moved in next door
with two of the cutest little boys in the world.
Bernie the dog.
The house that we bought last fall,
was finally ready to move in to. 
At some point I will blog that process,
but not today.

I sit down on the floor and Logan plops into my lap.
(Don't you just love that?)
Well, immediately this horrible chemical smell hits me.
"Logan, what in the world do you have in your hair?"
He gets embarrassed and now everyone is smelling his hair and he snuggles closer to get away from them.
After Mom and Dad leave and Tyler quits sniffing,
I quietly tell him,
"Logan, please show me what you put in your hair,
Grandma is not going to yell,
I just want to know."
He takes my hand,
leads me to the hall closet,
stoops down,
reaches around the corner on the floor,
and pulls out the tiniest bottle of Goo Gone.
Not new Goo Gone,
Funny color, smelly Goo Gone that had to be left from the last resident Goo Gone.

I remember seeing it in the house when we were cleaning up and remodeling,
who knows where it was hiding? 
Well, Logan does.
Immediately, I tell him that he has to get a shower. 
He insists that his Mom washes his hair in the kitchen sink.
I clear the counter,
I lay him on the counter and proceed to wash his hair as if I am a beautician.
He smiles, he loves it.
Mom does NOT wash his hair in the kitchen sink,
has not ever.
Apparently he must have seen Nana at the beauty shop last week and thought it looked fun.
In retrospect, it was probably a good idea, Goo Gone running over his little face in the shower
would not have been a good thing.

Tuesday night was my first charcoal class of four.
I love it! 
I have not worked in charcoal since high school and that might have been a few years ago.
Thirty-five or so, but who is counting.

The teacher is trying to free our minds. 
I'll show my mind freeing creations in another post, another day.

Still sewing carrots.
I wanted to get more of these to tuck into the giveaways, but did not get done what I wanted to,
the giveaways are ready to be mailed today.
Without all the extra carrots that I wanted to tuck in.

And of course, another new project.

I found this magazine while cleaning out my end table and immediately knew that I had to make some of these owls.

I didn't use the pattern in the magazine so mine are a little skinnier.
I love them.
I am off to cut out another 40 or so,
ten of which I probably will actually get done,
I sure do like to cut things out!
June 2009,
in case you are looking for the magazine.


dee begg said...

It's amazing what kids will do! too funny on the washing of the hair like he was at the hair dressers! Guess he wanted to experience it firsthand and I gotta say that I do enjoy when someone else washes my feels so good.

Glad you were able to get rid of the Goo Gone smell.


Traci said...

Oh, thank goodness you got Logan all cleaned up....isn't it funny what kids will do. Those owls are cute.... Blessings, Traci

Debbie said...

You gotta love little boys. They get into everything. lol Your story reminded me of something my youngest, now 24, would have done. The charcoal class sounds like fun. I always loved art class and all the different things she let us try. Can't wait to see what you do. :)

Debbie K

Raspberry Lane Primitives said... gone is so stinky for sure! poor baby...Girl why are you cutting out 40 owls? they are cute...and I loooove those carrots too!

Alisa said...

LOL...Logan sounds adorable! I love kids with spirit!!

Patty C. said...

Kids will do it to you every time -
At least it was something that would wash out ROFLOL

Angela said...

Grandkids are so cute aren't they. Good luck with your art class. It's hard for me to draw a straight line, wish I was talented as you are. Have a good day

Robbie said...

OMG..just a hoot about the goo gone!! Grandma's are good at keeping secrets too!! That's special and they always have someone to talk too! Way to go grandma!