Gym, Junque shopping and The Princess

Today was my day again to drive to dialysis.
For those of  you that were confused on a previous post.
my MIL in on dialysis, not me.  
We recently set up a schedule to drive her there.
So far it is working out great.
So, as I am considering my driving day a day off,
here is what I did with my day.
I went to the gym.
That was not pretty,
it had been awhile since I was there.
I can tell already that it is going to be worse tomorrow.

I hit the jackpot.
I had seen this shop several times but had either been in a hurry,
it was after hours when I went by.
Since I had time to kill today,
this was my first stop after the gym.

Is all I can say.
They have so much stuff jammed in this place.
It is called B and R Depot and is on Route 66 just north of Kittanning.
B and R as I thought about it later is for Barbara and Ron.
They were so friendly and interesting to talk to.
Ron even loaded this end table that I bought into the back of the car for me!
If you are out that way you need to stop.
Vintage clothing,
Vintage sewing supplies,
Tons of yard goods,
Zillions of dishes and bric a brac,
I know that there was a lot I didn't see.
They even had produce! 
I bought a bag of oranges
a bag of potatoes.
Barbara is in the doorway,

And Ron is changing the sign.
See that great cooker that he built!

More on what I bought below.

This was my next stop...
On Market in Kittanning,
I have been there many times but always like to go and poke through there.
There never seems to be any heat, so if you go, dress warm!

This is the end table that I bought at B and R.

Can you believe it? 
I think that I am going to paint it black and distress it.
And six yards of pillow ticking
$2 per yard
a chenille bedspread
I just wish that I knew who just told me that they are looking for those because there were more.

If it is any of you, let me know and I'll race right back there and get another for you.
Oh and zippers.
Ten cents each.
There were tons.
I should have bought more.

Gracelyn and Shawnee met me at On Market to shop for a little bit.
Gracelyn loves all the old clothes in there.
She told her mom that she could wear the one dress
and ride in a carriage.
Such a princess!
We tried on hats.
they are probably not clean,
She just looks so darn cute in them.

And to think that I missed three more junque shops....I can't wait for my next driving day!
How fun is this?

I even took some owls to cut out and while I waited at dialysis,
I got quite a few cut out.

I may sell some of them as kits. 
Anyone interested?
No pattern,
the design is not mine,
but I love to match the fabrics up and cut them out.


Connie said…
Looks like a great shop...wish I was close enough to go junkin' with you! Your grandbaby looks adorable in that's great that she likes all the vintage stuff, it'll probably be back in style when she's older...hehe
michelle said…
sounds like you had a wonderful day!have fun at the gym tommorow.the princess is such a cutie.have a great weekend!blessings michelle
Traci said…
boy, you got some deals today....that end table has great colonial'll look perfectly painted black and distressed

....Blessings, Traci
acorn hollow said…
looks like time well spent.
great finds. I think that table would be sweet in black.
Laurie said…
Oh how I wish I lived closer, that store looks like the most awesome place to go junking! If you want to call it that, and the end table for only 4 dollars? Great deal!
Angela said…
Sounds like you had a great day junkin. Love the ticking. Can't wait to see a pic. of the table.Your granddaughter is precious.
luv2teek said…
I've never been to the Depot--at least not since they have all that stuff. The last time I stopped it was just produce...guess I may have to check it out!

I still have some items in On Market for sale--I've known Kat, the owner, for quite a few years...met her through junking and she offered to take some of my stuff a few years back. I haven't stopped in there for while.

Sounds like you had a good day!
Lesley said…
Wow what a fun day Cathy.
Sounds like your Junque shops are way better than around here, ours smell old and musty and who knows what has been climbing on stuff. YIKES.
Gracelyn is a Princess for sure.
Hope MIL is doing ok with dialysis.

Did you get a birdcage design painted yet? Let me see if you do. make a pattern too hint hint.
kewl places! Hey that was me lookin' for the chenille but don't worry, I'll find one this summer, I can feel it! :)
SANDI said…
Sounds like you had a good day. Love your finds.