How time flies.

Where are the weeks going?
Spring must be here.
Time starts spinning out of control
The winter break must be over.
I had a deadline to meet, more on that for another time.
I made it, but I seriously underestimated the work required to meet it.
Enough of that though.

This material behind these flowers just shouted at to me as I slid through a quilt store a few weeks ago.
I used sealer to adhere it to the painted surface and then painted on top of it.
It still needs varnished. 
That should smooth out the surface.

A few gingers that have been waiting for attention since last fall.

And more owls.

A couple of more paintings.

And some more sketches from my charcoal class.
I only have one more class.
I am going to miss them!


Connie said…
Your paintings are beautiful and those! I laughed when I saw your cute little gingers....I make the same kind only different buttons on their belly! I love em!
Catherine said…
You've certainly been busy! I really love your sketches!!
Goodness our work is fantastic.
Oh to have just a bit of your talent in me...thanks for sharing.

Teresa said…
Everything looks so nice. Those are the cutest gingers!
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches
Angela said…
Looks like you have been so busy. Love all the paintings and crafts . My favorite are your sketches. THey would make such pretty cards. You have done a great job. Have a good day.
You are talented in so many different areas! Beautiful!
Love all of your projects! You sure have been busy :0)
Laurie said…
Your talent never ceases to amaze me Cathy! More beautiful things, great eye candy!! Your charcoal classes are sure working, I love what you've done.
Kathy said…
Love the sketches.. they are awesome.. the gingers and owls too cute.. but love the new paintings.. that's great fabric on the door.. Have a loverly weekend..xx
Grandma Nina said…
Cathy, you are so talented! I love that idea of painting over the fabric in your first picture. That is so pretty.
And your charcoal sketches are wonderful. I could never draw or sketch like that even with lessons!
Painting on printed quilt fabric, who would of thunk it? It looks fabulous Cathy (as always!). Love your gingers and your owls and your charcoal sketches are great! Are your word paintings collages? They are lovely as well. Thanks for sharing, Deb